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bcaa supplements

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Personally, I think they're somewhat like creatine in that you'll only see positive results if you have a need for the extra amino acids. There will always be responders to any supplement and some won't see results. At the time I was taking BCAAs, I was also using other supplements so I'm not sure which was giving me the results. I used them during my first bulking phase earlier this year (along with creatine), went off for 6 months, and will give them a try during my current cutting phase.


I'm also using my hubby as a test subject. Creatine helped him gain muscle for the first time in years, without changing anything else about his workouts. I'd be interested in seeing if BCAAs help with energy or recovery.

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How cut should you be before you start a bulk? I'm just curious.


You can be any percentage before you bulk. You just start lifting heavy and eating to feed it, which is mostly for recovery. It is the percentage for cutting that you have to get down to for a comp. Usually 12% and on down is the usual for Natties (Natural BBers). You have a juggling act of not only getting your bodyfat low (say down to 9%), but you have to keep the muscles full looking (not flat) or at least on the day of the comp. You have to know how your body will respond to carb cycling (depleting and loading phases). And you might have it down for one comp, but it might not work the same way in the next comp.

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Is there any significant benefit to taking them if you aren't trying to increase your mass or strength significantly?

I can't vouch for this myself, but reading the bb.com forums, it seems that BCAAs are highly recommended while cutting to maintain muscle mass.

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