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any opinions?


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I don't have a lot of time to prepare food. One of the meals I've devised that I can prepare in bulk ahead of time is the following:


A few cups of cooked brown rice,

A few cups of cooked or soaked oats,

Bunch of bananas,


Chocolate Chips,

Flax seed oil,

Whole bunch of protein powder.


All blended together with a little water in food processor.

Stays in fridge and I scoop out into a cup and mix with enough water to get the right consistency to drink.


Any thoughts on this recipe? Plusses? Minuses? Room for improvement?

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i have not given much thought to brown rice, but that sounds like a pretty good drink.


I'm a proponent of beans and rice, with some veggies. I pretty much only use frozen ones, just toss em in the skillet, steam or fry add to beans and rice and go to work. Tofu with rice and veggies is another one. Pretty much just buy sauces you like and spices/herbs to mix things up. And there are many different kinds of tofu, rice, beans,frozen things.

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