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Moving to Seattle, WA.


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I am going to be moving to Seattle next month, and wanted to just

see if anyone on the forum was from there?



I know Ravi is, and hopefully he can help me with some tri training

this next year


But other than that I'm not sure who else is around the NW area,

so let me know, and maybe we can meet for lunch or hang out

or something!

I still don't have many friends in the Seattle area.



(I posted this in the regional section as well.)

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Seattle's a cool place to be....will be even cooler when u get up here!


I grew up in a small farm town and have never been much of a city person....but I live right in the smack of downtown and it actually doesnt feel to busy for me. Great energy, lots of stuff going on....and the mountains and water....unbelievable!

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