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A BIG THANK YOU is in order


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The 10-day 2007 Vegan Vacation just came to an end today. This was a pretty amazing event and I'm sure it was life changing for a lot of people.


There are a lot of people to thank for making this event possible.


Before we even get into it, we need to thank Richard for everything he has done to create the website, the flyers, and all the other stuff that goes into putting this event on. There is no event without Richard! Thanks for everything man!


I'm not going to rank any of these thank you notes in order of importance or anything like that, but some people need to be recognized.


First of all, I want to thank all of you who attended. Many of you traveled thousands of miles, left your friends, families and jobs behind to spend part of your summer with a bunch of other members from this community. I thank you for all of your sacrifices, your courage, your trust and your determination to make it to Portland this year.


Secondly, I need to give a special thanks to lotus and loveliberate. To be honest, without their help, this event wouldn't even take place. There is no way I can do it myself and they not only stepped up big-time, they pretty much took over and made this event a great success! I whole-heartedly thank you both for everything you have done to make the Vegan Vacation possible.


I also want to thank veganpotter, Michelle, and xdarthveganx for being on the organization committee.


Thank you DV for all the support, the food, the donations, the fundraising and everything else that was involved with your efforts. We really appreciate it!


A big thank you is in order for Jessifly, veganpotter, xdarthveganx, oregonisaac, Ravi, gkleinman, and others who drove people around all week long, all over Portland and outside of the city.


Thank you to everyone who hosted our forum members at your homes, especially davidtarrfoster and xdarthveganx who often found 10 people at their houses. We wouldn't have been able to pull off the Portland part of the Vegan Vacation without that flexibility and support.


Thanks to everyone else who contributed to this event and supported us.


One last thank you to lotus and loveliberate who really established the foundation and structure for this year's events. I love you and your family.


I look forward to seeing many of you at Vegan Vacation 2008.


I deeply appreciate all of you for your trust in me to pull this event off and for everything you had to do to get here this summer. With love and respect, I thank you.

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Thank you Robert for all of your hard work to bring together community and spread the word about veganism and fitness. You get an idea and actually do something to bring it to fruition! You touch many lives.

Thank you for being so gracious it means alot that you care about us and appreciate us.

Now get some rest!

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Thank you very much Robert for making all this possible. Many of us have their online-family in this forum but to meet so many members and especially you in person has been a big influence.

I enjoyed my visit very very much and would love to attend a VV sometime in the hopefully near future again. I would also love to bring my family with me!

Thank you again my friend!

I think you need to sleep and eat a lot now – and don't forget to retox

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Thanks to all of you - the experience was incredible and Portland is on my fav list forever =)


Unbelievably vegan friendly city and such great people!


It was wonderful meeting all of you!



It was awesome meeting you and Jen too, I hope everything's going well up there.

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Thanks Robert and to everyone for making this happen. I think I read somewhere that Robert used his rent money to make some of this happen. If there is a Paypal account set up, I'd be happy to send a small contribution.



Meeting all of you and being a part of this family is priceless.

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