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Toronto Vegetarian Food Fair 2007


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I got it from my neighbor who says, "Back in Action, Let's Make it Happen" all the time. In fact he said it to me today


But since my whole talk is about "Taking Action" I threw that in.


So now it is what it is. Take Action and Make it Happen Tour.


I think you're a good role model Rob Before you know it all of NA wil grow mullets

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Pamela and Rob: Okay, so it wasn't just me being paranoid and thinking I scared the bejeebus out of Brendan (although I admit to still being a VEGA-maniac!). I just imagined Brendan would have more of an outgoing presence with his high-profile persona with Vega. Anyway, he certainly is a sweet guy and a leader in the vegan-athlete industry. Well, co-leader with Robert!!


Lucky you, Pamela, you get to see Brendan again in Ottawa.


Okay, so next year, YES! let's be sure to plan this in advance and arrange a VBB rendezvous at the Vegetarian Fair.


Tasha: I agree, Offence is one fierce vegan body builder


Best to luck with the tour, Robert. I wish I lived closer to one of your scheduled events. Maybe in 2008 you'll make it to Toronto???


TGIF!!! Hit the iron jungle hard this weekend!!

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