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Gracie Diet

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COMBAT: I understand that the Gracie family have their own ideas on good diet?


CARLEY GRACIE: That's right. My father made a study of the chemical combinations of foods and developed a diet to promote health, athletic ability, and longevity; the entire Gracie family was trained in his diet and we lived that way. Fruits are a large part of the diet but the key is knowing which foods combine well and which foods don't go together.


There are other aspects of the diet, as well. For example, we believe that radishes strengthen joints but carbonated drinks make them weak, so we try to avoid industrialized drinks in favour of water and plain fruit drinks.


People who have heard about the Gracie diet often wonder if we eat meat, and the answer is Yes. Meats are included in the Gracie diet, but many of us are primarily fruit eaters. I tend to eat a lot of fruit -- dates, for example, cereals, bananas, oranges. I didn't eat meat for about 30 years, but a few years ago I added meat back into my diet because I thought I could do with the extra protein. Now I find I often feel tired after eating meat, so I am planning to stop eating meat. When I was in Brazil about three weeks ago I could only get fruits from the local market, and so that is mostly what I ate during that time. In the beginning, my body was craving heavier foods -- like meat or spaghetti -- but then my metabolism adapted, and I feel younger and stronger when I eat mostly fruits.




Apparantly Carley Gracie is the best fighter in the family, and the only one that is completely undefeated, even within family matches. He didn't eat meat for 30 years and he likes fruits.

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