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Hi everyone


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Hi, my name is James, I am an Engineer working for the Royal Navy. I am living in Newcastle, England at the moment which is near to the Scottish border.

I have recently decided to try Veganism and I am currently on a 30 day *trial* ( about 13 days through ) and so far I've been feeling lots better and more energetic than before hand.

I was pleasantly surprised to find this site when I did a search as I like to train quite frequently and was worried about the common idea that there is a lack of protein in a Vegan diet, but having found this site shows that it is not true! So you will probably see me around this site when I'm not at sea!!!

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Welcome to our group James!


Awesome to have you here and thank you so much for finding us


I started on my own trial period on December 8, 1995 and it continued on and still goes on today I'm sure you'll stick to your vegan lifestyle as well and you'll thrive and enjoy newfound energy and vitality.


Enjoy your time on our forum. Welcome aboard!

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Hello everyone,


I also joined today. Fitness has become one major concern nowadays and I want to remain updated on that.


Forum will be most suitable to get latest information on what is happening currently. And that is the reason I joined.


Please post your own introduction and tell us about yourself. For example,

what does your linked webpage have to do with yourself? If I dont see a response to this within a couple of days I will assume that you are just a spammer and delete you.

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