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Tonya Kay - not so new, but not so old!!!

tonya kay

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Hey, vegan athletes! Some of you might already knwo me from the Vegan Fitness: Build Naturally DVD. If not, hello!


I'm a raw fooder and professional athlete who is active in the television and film community as a performer (in fact, I'm playing a co-star role in an upcoming CBS "NUMB3RS" episode as well as filming the lead role in a Trace Adkins music video tomorrow!).


I just wanted to keep you all up on a project I just complete and am very excited. I'll post the flyer below, but to make it short, I appeared on SCIFI's "Who Wants To Be A Superhero" with Stan Lee last year and am releasing a full-lenght comic this autumn. In anticipation of that, I just returned from San Diego Comic Con where I announced my Comic Pre-Release Package with artwork by the Spiderman, Transformers and Incredible Hulk U.K. crew! If you wanna check out a real raw vegan superhero, visit http://kayosmarket.com for all the good stuff - even free comic give aways!


Tonya Kay





I hope this flyer displays correctly:-)




"You've seen her as Creature in SCIFI's "Who Wants To Be A Superhero", spinning fire on NBC's "America's Got Talent", touring with the hit band Panic At The Disco as well as making music in the Off-Broadway STOMP...


Now you can follow the rise to stardom of a superhero who really is changing the world with this limited edition fire spinning comic pin up.


Promoting the release of this autmn's full-length comic with Blam Ventures, only 150 copies of the Tonya Kay Comic Pre-Release Package will ever be printed, numbered and autographed - making it a true collector's item.


Printed on 100% recycled paper, this fire spinning comic centerfold is breath takingly drawn by the comic industry's top artists (Spiderman, Transformers, Hulk).


The package also includes a free character rendering of Tonya Kay as REALITI in this autumn's full-length comic release, a free CREATURE postcard (as seen on the SCIFI channel) and two FREE 16 page Creature Fan Comics. No kidding. This is your way to follow Tonya Kay's superhero career from the very beginning.


Celebrate the heroism that has been inspired in you.


Available exclusively at http://kayosmarket.com

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Welcome my dear! Great to hear from you. I know you've been super busy and I had been wondering what you'd been up to. I've seen some of your commercials lately and have heard about your comic book from online postings....and my friend Coach (the one you met with the little boys) is a huge comic book fan and heard about your comic book a long time ago.


A lot of people do know of you from the DVD and the DVD is still going strong.


I sent a couple of e-mails lately, but in general I'll try to do a better job of staying in touch. It was great seeing you this summer.


Anyway, feel free to drop in anytime and say hi to our group. Ani, Brendan, Dave and others have posted here but not much.


Have fun in the video. I listen to country music and I like Trace Atkins


Welcome aboard my friend!

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Welcome Tanya! My kids and I watched you on the Superhero show last year and we have seen you around on a few other things as well...

i like your poi video (Robert lent me). Hope to meet you next time you pop through Portland!

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Hey, all, thanks for the warm re-welcome. Robert, it is wonderful to hear from you again. I got the postal mailing safe and sound after my return from Kauai this morning!


I've been healing a broken/dislocated toe and have been forced into three weeks of inactivity - I mean, meditation:-) And it is amazing how badly you really do need all ten toes to do what I do in dance, but also how slowing down, even for moment, really opens you up to the messages in between the words, the signals in between the breaths.


Now might be the perfect time to actually lazer tune my fiery skills towards my acting career, since I'm not dancing at all. Missed Burning Man and some rad gigs in respect of the body's processes, too. I feel cenetered in that.


I'll be in the "Veloctiy" episode of NUMB3RS scheduled to air October 12th. Of course that is a schedule. Keep checking their website to make sure it holds. Also, I'll be in the trailer promoting "next week's episode" the week prior to scehdule air, so ... keep your eyes open. I'm super featured! In fact, I am going in tomorrow to recording sound bites in a studio for the show. Just making sure we got exactly what the director, Fred Keller, is looking for to bring his vision to life.


Yes, the comic pre-release is cool, cool, cool! And it's called a pre-release package because it is the package BEFORE the full length comic's official release this autumn. Does that make sense?


I'll see you on the boards!

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Hey Tonya,


Nice to see you on here. You got lots of lovely welcomes We have a really cool community and it's growing all the time!


Glad the package arrived. Another one will go out today or tomorrow. Thanks for the updates about the things you're involved in. Hope to see you sometime soon. When it gets cold in Oregon, I'll have to make a trip south for a visit

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