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Happy Birthday LizWorld!


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Oh my gosh.... I didn't see this until now.

Thank you sooooo much everyone....

You're all awesome!!!!



Octopussoir - I'm now officially in my mid 20's.


Flanders - I'm in for the next german get together for sure. I'm not german, but I have german cousins, does that count? lol Just let me know date and location It would be super asssum!

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Happy birthday Liz...I hope you get to spend a significant part of the rest of your time on earth here in the states



yes Potter!! I'll leave soon...whendo you plan to blow up Sweden?? lol

How is Jamie doing? How is the east coast treating you???? Ill Pm you when I get back home!

Stay safe untill then.


And thanks again everyone for your bday wishes!!!

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