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I'm new here - so talk to me.


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Been Vegetarian for about 3 years now, Vegan for 2.


So I moved from Dallas TX to Melbourne FL for work. Luckily there are quite a few people here who are into health & fitness and I have a great trail running park around the corner. Problem is I can't seem to find one vegan restaurant.


There was a vegan restaurant in Fort Worth! Why can't I find one in FL?


I love all you vegans. Look forward to chatting more, and getting advice on pumping up my muscles with some yummy tempeh.




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Welcome James!


We have another forum member in Melbourne too! Tigress is there I believe. She just got married so she hasn't been on the forum lately but last I heard, she was living there.


Is that anywhere near Orlando? (I'm 3,000 miles away so I don't know the state very well even though I've visited many times).


There is a Central Florida Vegetarian Festival coming up that will take place in Orlando on October 27th. Hopefully I'll be there.


Thanks for joining our forum. Great to have you here! All the best and welcome aboard!


P.S. nice pic in front of Food Fight!

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Thanks all. Yes, the pic is in front of Food Fight. I love Portland. You Vegans are all spoiled in Portland...


Melbourne is SE of Orlando about 45 minutes away, on the Atlantic coast. It's gorgeous here and it seems that people are very health conscious, but I can't find much support for veganism in restaurants. There are a few health food markets around but sometimes you don't feel like cooking!


In Dallas I was part of ACT (Animal Connection Texas), an animal rights nonprofit. Just started working out about two months ago. Honestly, the only reason I'm working out is to be able to show the general mis-informed public that veg*ans aren't just pale, frail, and weak individuals, and we get plenty of protein

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Here are a couple of vegan-friendly restaurants that I think are near:


The New Habit

3 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach (32931)



Not 100% Vegetarian. Nice fresh fruit smoothies, frozen yogurt, and pita sandwiches. Cash Only. Open daily 11am-6pm.


Yen Yen

2 N Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach (32931)


Vegan-friendly, Japanese/ Chinese

Not 100% Vegetarian. Choose from many original vegetarian dishes; will customize any order; whole grain brown rice for an extra charge. Accept credit cards.

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Welcome to the forum! Why did you move to Fla?

If you feel like travelling a little, Gainesville is a cool town, pretty vegan friendly. Also, if you get the chance to try boiled peanuts you should to it! The garlic ones are almost always vegan, but ya gotta ask about the cajun ones to be sure...I love boiled peanuts!

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Welcome to the site, James!


Sounds like you should open a vegan restaurant down there. A great opportunity!


Hell yes I should. I'll build the biggest Veg community in the world. Then all you Portland residents would envy me instead of it being the other way around

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