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Homemade punch/kick equipment?


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I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas on making equipment used to practice striking...


Punching bag alternatives, so to say.


If anyone caught the Karate episode of the Human Weapon, I thought the wood coming out of the ground that was used for practicing punches was pretty good; though, I think it's more complicated than just sticking a 2x2 stick of wood into the ground - does anyone know how one would go about making something like that? and something for kicking, as well?

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At my old karate club we had makiwaras made from 2x4s wrapped in thin foam with vinyl stretched over the foam and stapled at the back. I don't recall what the 2x4s were mounted to. Blue camping foam would work and you could peel off layers as your hands toughen up.


In "The Human Weapon" Karate episode they used a boulder! In Thailand, banana trees are a popular choice.


I like the phone book idea - might try it!

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