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Can someone please help me?!

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For a few years now, I have had a weird occurrence during sleep. It is as if my mind is awake, but my body is still asleep. I am conscious, but I cannot open my eyes or move. I feel very scared, and try to move my body. Then after a short period of time I "snap" out of it and I am awake and able to move. I used to experience this at least once a week, but after I started taking zoloft, and then switched to Paxil they rarely happen. All of the sudden I had one after almost a year of not having them, and am afraid that they are going to occur on a regular basis. Does anyone know about this kind of thing or have any ideas of what it could be? Thank you for your time.

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Definitely you are suffering from sleep disorder. I would highly recommend you DermaSleep as safe prescription. I got it a few years back when I was suffering from the same problem. I used DermaSleep and slept profusely. My disease god cured away in a fortnight too. DermaSleep is the most effective natural remedy for treating insomnia and promoting healthy sleep and it does work without any side effects. Hope this will help you.

All the best!!!

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@ arianna: There is no such thing like a side-effect-free prescription drug.


IMO if you want to get rid of an illness or disorder the worst thing you can do is to swallow a pill and suppress the symptom. Instead you should try to find about the reason of the disorder. Look at you lifestyle:

1. Coffee/tea/chocolate-consumption

2. Other drugs or prescription drugs?

3. Have a look at your sleeping-room. Is it comfortable. Maybe a Feng-Shui-expert can help.

4. Do you have a lot of distress/bad emotions or disturbing thought that keep you awake?

5. What about your eating habits? Do you eat large/hard to digest meals for dinner?


If you optimezed all of the above points (the list is far from complete) and nothing changed – then you can think of using drugs.

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I get this every once in a while - used to happen more often when I think I was more stressed out. I usually "snap out of it" by yelling very loudly. I think it must be the noise or vibrations or something from the yelling that allows me to awake. Singing works too, but you gotta sing as loud as an opera star to wake up. I then sit in bed for a couple minutes feeling like an idiot, my wife and dogs wondering what the heck is wrong with me. I used to dread it, but now I think it's kind of funny. Even happened to me on a plane once - that was embarrassing .


My friend used to have the opposite - totally asleep ("unconscious") and he'd trash his room or run around screaming bloody murder. His doctor called it "night terrors". We lived in Boston at the time and he had several visits from the police because neighbors thought there was a huge fight going on. THAT is scary.

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