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A wide variety of Vegan Vacation 2007 videos


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Here is a wide variety of 2007 Vegan Vacation videos from my camera. I'll have more soon too. Good times!


Opening Dinner at the Beach House:




veganpotter and his pots:




Vein 101 by Robert Cheeke




Offense Dancing and Odidnetne Cleaning up the Beach House




Vegan Vacation Food Shopping:



Odidnetne's Dance Dance Revolution (just one of many videos)



A group playing "Cranium"




More Cranium:



Durian Adventure 1:




Durian Adventure 2:



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I wish we had a video of Flanders face when he walked back into the house and crinkled up his nose at the smell! He didn't know we had opened the durian while he was on the phone outside..


Roberts house smelled of rotting onions for 2 days.. as did my car after we transported the durian to Isaacs house, where he less enthusiastically ate quite a bit and stated that it was "interesting." What ever happened to it after that?

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Yeah Durian night was great!


I have many more DDR videos of Odidnetne. I'll post at least one or two more later this week.


Every year I always sit back when it's all over and wish I would have taken more photos and videos. I did get over 500 photos and over 100 videos but I still wish I would have taken more!!!

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117 videos are in my Vegan Vacation Videos folder and sydneyvegan took a few on his camera as well. I'm sure there must be others too


I've only posted a handful, maybe 20-30 videos total in few forum sections. More will come later, but some, for example are 10-15 different videos of Odidnetne's DDR. I take a lot of photos and videos so I can get some really good useful material. Some will never make it to youtube, but many will

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I'd still like to see the vegan food shopping, not your veins


This is so funny for one reason........I seriously, 100% didn't mean to do that......but it is sooooo something "I would do!"


I was just trying to copy and paste them in. Actually, the food shopping is one of my favorite ones. I have no idea why I kept pasting the wrong code. It could have been any video, but of course, it had to be the vein one And I really didn't mean to. In fact, when dreamingana commented on how cute people were, I thought she surely had seen the shopping one because it's a fun one.


It has now been fixed. I hope none of the other ones point to the wrong video.......

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Yeah, all for a 2-hour hike Actually.......I guess that was the day trip to the hot springs that I didn't go on.........but still, it was a lot of food for a few people for a few hours!


I think as a group we spent an insane amount of money on food.....but then again, a lot of it was local, organic, sustainable, and tasty!

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Thanks for bumping up this thread! It was great to watch some of the videos from vegan vacation. It looked like a lot of fun. I loved the durian videos as well! You were very brave to open it up in the kitchen!


It brings back the memory of my first (and only) durian experience. My sister brought one home to try as a treat but after the first slice into it we had to move it out on the porch and take our taste tests out there. It was too pungent to have indoors. Unfortunately, after airing out a bit it did end up in the fridge long past its time. But it was a lot of fun!

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