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Some life changes for me


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Hey all you VV and VBB friends,


There have been some changes in my life post-VV that I wanted to share with you all. Some of you already know but I figured I would throw a thread up here anyway.


Firstly, I broke up with my gf . This was my first serious relationship. She was the first person that loved me for who I was- not just my good sides but my faults, and didn't love me in spite of my faults, but because of them (and my good aspects of course!). I was very depressed afterward, and was finding it difficult to eat and train properly. I lost 5 pounds in a week . Luckily Zack came over my house for a few days and helped me to get my mind off of the situation at least temporarily. Though I may have seemed happy or content while Zack was there, I was hurting badly. But having a good friend by your side always makes things somewhat better. As for me and her, we are on decent terms right now and are talking. I still love her and she still loves me. I care deeply about her, and who knows what the future may have in store for us as friends or as more.


I quit my job after VV. Granted I was scheduled to leave 10 days later anyway, but I just couldn't stand serving carcasses to people in exchange for capital. Also I had just broke up with my gf so I wasn't in the right state of mind to put on a fake smile for people while serving them dead animals.


I drove across country from Fayetteville GA to Tucson AZ. The drive was horrible. Normally it takes 23 hours, but it took us over 30, because my car is messed up and was constantly at risk of overheating. Something is wrong with the engine since I have no power and couldn't drive faster than 55 mph in zones of up to 75 mph. I have to take it into the shop and am already looking forward to being screwed over bigtime by some mechanic. All in all though I made it to AZ.


I have a new studio apartment here in Tucson. It is nice and kind of pricey, in the Historic Sam Hughes District. It is basically a yuppie district just a mile away from campus at the UofA. I can bike to campus which will save me $$$ on gas and parking, and it is close to the gym .


I start my junior year tomorrow. I'm studying physics and it's okay but not too great. I was thinking of changing my major awhile ago but I'm going to stick with it. I think I may just get my Bachelors Degree for now. One of the plans I'm toying with is moving to Portland after college and teaching high school/college physics/math. I would also like to run an after school program for "at risk" kids, basically weight training and sports after school. Really every kid is at risk for engaging in destructive activities like drug use and criminal activities, and I had alot of problems with drugs and the law as a kid, so I'd like to help kids embrace a constructive, healthy activity instead. But for now I'm just going to concentrate on finishing this degree here in Tucson and weaseling my way into Portland under the guise of a legitimate job/ lifestyle.


That's about it for the moment. I'll be sure to post some pics of my studio and some cool places around Tucson (like the co-op and the nonprofit bike store that uses recycled bike parts) when I get a chance. Take care everyone.


P.S. I don't have internet right now so I won't be online too much, but I hope to get that sorted out in the next week or so.




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Hey Josh,


Thanks for the update on things. I was aware of some of them and I'm happy that you and Zack were having a great time to keep your mind off of things that make you feel down. I've been down that road myself and I know it can affect the way you eat, train, etc. but you get back on track and back in action and it gets better.


Portland would be happy to have you anytime. You inspired a number of us out here, including myself, so it was great to have you here for a while.


Best of luck with your school work. Be sure to stay away from the forum to get your studying done and all that stuff. Stop in to say hi anytime, but get that school work done, son.


I hope you get your car sorted out soon too.


All the best man.


Lightweight Baby!


I'd like to see someone else rock UofA Besides You!

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Heya Josh,

Thanks for sharing whats been going on in yr life with us. Changes aren't always easy or fun but we can always use them to become stronger. It would be awesome to have ya up here with us in Portland - then again, sunny southern Arizona could be a great place for winter VB&F gatherings!

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Hey man, aside from the break up and delay (if you want to call it that) getting out to Arizona, it sounds like you're doing all right. You were wanting to get back into the swing of things in school (from what it sounded like while we were in Portland).


I hope everything works out for you while you're out there and that we'll see each other again soon enough to hang out.

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Thanks for the update man. I hope this year goes well for you in college. I've been through that stuff with my first real relationship and it was hard for awhile, but it made me a stronger & wiser person. You'll like back and find that the experience was better for you in the end.

Stay Classy.

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Sorry to hear about your problems but it's good to know you're back on track.


If you're planning on teaching then you've picked a great major. Talking to a few high school science teachers might be a good idea, especially if you can pick a minor. I believe a minor in chemistry could really open job prospects, if you like chemistry of course. I have a family member who teaches high school science in Arizona and her double major helped when she started looking for jobs.


Good luck with everything.

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Sorry to hear what happened with your ex-gf! I remember that phonecall in jessies car and was actually not really surprised about break-up.

But like you say: who knows what will happen in the future.


Concerning your job: Well done! You will find a better one!

Concerning your future plans: Whatever you want to do: You will be good and successful in whatever you do if you want it from the bottom of your heart.


Here is a picture of my rawfood-addicted daughter Marla and me (her rawfood-dealer) yesterday. I hope it will make you smile!



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Hey Josh! Thanks for sharing with us the things you are going through! Sounds like you have been having a pretty rough time and you are going through a big transition.

I hope things work out for the best for you and I am sure they will.

It was great meeting you at VV and we would love to have you here in PDX! As a matter of fact we will probably bug you a bunch about it until you do it! So, you might as well just plan on moving here!

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