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G'morning and hello to everyone


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Hello to everyone,


My name is Matt Purdy, I'm currently a nursing student at McMaster University. I've been vegan for close to a month now and loving it! Originally, the biggest worry about going vegan was that I might not be able to attain the fitness level of a body builder but thankfully this forum and website have pointed me in the right direction.


For most of my life I've been an over weight person, at one point I was pushing 250lbs with a 40 waist size. It got to the point where I either had to change my life and eating habits around or suffer permanent health risks. My mother had been a vegetarian for several years and about two years ago she choose to go vegan; I guess it was at this point that I started to change my own eating habits for the better. I slowly started by weaning myself off meats and implementing a daily exercise regime. Recently after reading "The Thrive Diet", I decided to go full out and go with the vegan lifestyle, I couldn't have been happier with this decision. As of today I currently weigh 165lbs and have a size 32 waist. I've never felt better and I'm looking forward to any help with recipes and exercise routines that this forum can provide.



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Hah, no, I didn't lose all that weight in a month. It took about 2 years to loose. The most drastic change probably happened in the past few months where I really started to take my fitness a little more seriously. Since April I've dropped from 180 to about where I am currently, I've also managed to sculpt a wee bit during that time

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Welcome to our online community! Awesome that you read The Thrive Diet as well. It's a great book for anyone interested in having better health.


Thanks for the great intro. I think you'll have a great time here. We have lots of new vegans and those who have been vegan for 10-20 years.


Congratulations on your weight loss and improved health. That is inspiring.


All the best and welcome aboard!

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Hey Matt, Welcome!


What an inspiring story about your lifestyle change. Thanks for sharing!


I grew up in Hamilton and still have family there. Your photos are wonderful and I can recognize familiar views (Niagara Escarpment).


As for local natural bodybuilding organizations, check out the IDFA at:




I will compete with them next year.


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