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Hi everyone, My name is Jordan and I new to the board. I've been training since I was 17 (am now 26). It wasn't until last year, however that I got very serious. I decided one day, one moment, to take each visit to the gym, each set, hell even each rep more seriously and I'll tell you, it made all the difference. I've made more gains in the last year than I did in the first 8 combined. I strive mainly for "cut glass" definition with overall, annual gains in muscle weight and mass. Cardio and diet are two things I've become MUCH more strict about and in addition to a better physcial appearance, I am internally stronger and mentally more fit today than ever. I am here to ask questions, learn and continue my development.


I am however, not vegan or a vegetarian. Fresh fruits and vegetable do make up a large part of my diet and I am careful not to use health and beauty products that engage in animal abuse and testing. I hope it is OK that I continue to post and inquire as I am a firm believer and highly aware of the benefits of vegan supplements and nutrition and am looking to incorporate more vegan supplements into my routine.

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Hey Jordan,


Great to have you as part of our group and awesome TEAM we have here.


Cool to hear that you stepped things up a notch and got more serious about training. I also know those benefits and have experienced that.

I"ve learned that intensity and consistency are the most important things while training. As long as you stick with it and keep the intensity up, you will continue to improve, as you know.


Thanks again for joining us here and have a great time!



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