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its like chinese to me


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I was wondering how good a food dulse is for a person and I found this information per 100 grams


Protein 21.5g

Fat   1.7g

Carbohydrates 44.6g

Calories 264

Potassium 7820mg.

Phosphorus 408mg.

Iron 33.1mg.

Sodium 1740mg.

Fluoride 5.3 mg.

Vitamin A 663 I.U.

Vitamin B6 8.99 .U.

Vitamin B12 6.60I.U.


I have no clue what all this stuff means can someone fill me in?

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From my experience dulse is used as a food enhancer, like an herb seasoning so I think 100 grams is a lot for a serving dulse. But if the serving really is 100grams then it appears to be a high source of protein, very low fat, 44g carbohydrate I would estimate to be about 14% daily value (based on 2000 calorie diet- hehe good 'ol standard nutrition facts ), high calorie if used as an enhancer, otherwise not too bad.. it's relative to what you eat it with I guess, very high potassium (200+%)-that's probably ok/good sometimes but not regularly as too much potassium is hard on the heart (also potassium is a diuretic.. that much may make you have to pee all day!), it appears to be very high sodium at 70+% usually high sodium is not a good thing but relative to the amount of potassium it is probably ok, the other vitamins and minerals look to be good amounts for a days supply of each. I am not sure how much phosphorus is too much, but as I understand too much can be hard on the kidneys. All in all it is my opinion that it seems to be a good food to eat several times a week based on those values you provided.

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Zack is right, that is a lot of iron.. recommended is 8mg/ day for adult males and 18mg/day for adult females, but a tolerable upper level for an adult is up to 45 mg/day. Toxicity is unlikely unless there is a health condition related to iron storage or liver/heart/blood conditions, and people often do not know if they have a condition until there is damage to the organ so it is safer to not get too much iron. I think consuming a quantity of up to 45 mg sometimes is ok, but maybe not daily.

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