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A few NEW pics


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Heres a few new ones of today. I was(am) too sore to flex (back and chest) so I hung from my pullup bar in my kitchen to show some definition. A little bit more bodyfat and a little less definition. Nothing too exciting, but I thought id share.










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"A vegan is characterized not by what he or she believes but by what he or she does. In other words, it is not enough to have right thought; to be vegan one must have right action." -Joanne Stepaniak


I love the quote! Joanne Stepaniaks book Being Vegan is my favorite vegan book. I very much admire her vegan philosophy and her thorough explanations. I always recommend the book to everyone!

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So I gained some bf and around 10lbs(morning weight) since my last adventure at the playground. I actually got someone else interested in it and here is a few pics. I can tell im leaning up again, yay for me. lol. We're gonna go once a week now and alternate weeks on lower/upper.








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I was starting to wonder is there gonna be any progress picture except Robert and some few other members.


The physical condition is one big fu... WOOOOW

Really great, but really. Ok, there are some areas you might work on a little bit, but for a one-beach-look you look more than amazing.


Take care, and progress

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but really. Ok, there are some areas you might work on a little bit;)


yeah im aware I need to in many places. im not going to do any shows any time soon so im not worried about bringing up lagging areas. Thank you for your consructive criticism though. I love working out and currently do not have any goals in mind. When I do and I reach them then i will post a progression pic. Also, what do you recommend I better?

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I think you would look great if you built up your traps some, that's all I see.



yeah I actually done work them at all anymore. I stopped doing a lot of my heavier exercise movements like shrugs and SL dead lifts. ive always had a problem with lats and abs showing so I know these are problem areas too. here's an older pic of me.



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Did I ever ask you for your workout routine?


yeah, but it changes all the time. Here is one that worked for me for about 8 weeks:


Full Body Front & Back:


Mon- quads,abs, chest, biceps, front delts, and front traps

Tues- calves,hams, glutes, back, tricep, rear traps and delts

wed- traps,delts, chest, biceps, abs, quads

thurs- back,tricep, glutes, hams, calves


then take a few days off if youd like. I made really good progress for 2 months doing it like this. Its reversed on the second days so you hit the other muscle groups harder. Start from toe-head then head-toe.

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First off, a BIG congrats. You look great man, keep it up!


Second, if I can ask a few questions. How strict is your diet? How many calories do you take in every day? What is the fat/carb/protein ratio you shoot for? Favorite foods?


Sorry for the questions, I just wanna know how you got so big!

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