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Squat pbs

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Excellent stuff, Jono and Buzz!


I think you need a bigger power rack, Jonathan - with your size it looks like you have a miniature setup made for the wee folk rather than a normal-sized rack! Nice work on that push press, too - just to ask, do the Rehband elbow sleeves make a difference for you? Some people swear by them, others don't say they really make a difference, but I've thought about getting a pair and was looking to hear your thoughts. That weight flew up easily - you looked good for another 5-10kg without a problem. Perhaps we need a race to 300 lbs. so I can get back to being extra-motivated again? I'll bet you a case of Builders' Bars if you're up for it

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Thanks Ryan!


I have started to wear the rehband more and more recently. The tendons in my left elbow were slightly sore yesterday too, so it was as much a precautionary measure as anything else. I do think I get a bit out of them though.


I should have gone 120kg too - it always feels harder than it looks. It's the second 5kg in a week though, so the weight feels pretty alien.


I am up for a race to 300lbs though! I am a really long way off it though!

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