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Banannaise! (contest)

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Vegenaise + Banannas = Banannaise!!!!


mix them up in a blender or food processor and whola!! a condiment so gross it has to be good??


ANYWAY I haven't made this but i just enjoy the word combo, BUTTT the first person who comes up with a good recipe (w pics!) using banannaise will recieve a "Fuck Ya'll I'm From Texas" shirt- so that you can (ironically?) wear it around your town.


pics of people eating bannaise sandwhiches (just bread and banannaise) would also be cool!!



( btw truth be told my friend jason came up with this word combo)

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I'm thinking some kind of sandwich topping... with a peppered tofurkey slice and some mellow lettuce on whole wheat bread. It needs something else too... but I can't pin it yet... I think tomato would be wrong but something like a tomato is the right way to go. Maybe a slice of pear?

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haha I win my own contest


I whipped this up and then went around campus (wearing my VBBF shirt mind you) and filmed this my on-campus television show and asked to people taste it and get their reaction and tell me what was in it. hehe its rather infamous around campus now


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haha i enjoyed making/asking people to taste it more than acutally eating it. I never liked mayo that much in the first place so I never get vegenaise...but it pretty much tastes like a slightly sweeter, bananna tinged mayo. Had some people put it on their sandwhiches in the deli line and i think thats probably the best place for it.

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