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Getting rid of the gut

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As I'm working on packing on muscle I'm making sure to eat enough daily. However, I'm gaining a gut. What do you all do to get rid of that? Just add some more cardio in? I'd like to build a lot of muscle but I don't want to get a huge gut in the process.

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Not measuring my water intake, but I've increased it. Drinking a bunch. Not measuring salt intake either, but I only get it in foods I eat and when I add some to roasted veggies or pasta.


I don't know if there is one floating around, but do you have a sample of what you eat in a day?

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If you are in a bulking phase where you are trying to build muscle but notice that at the same time you are developing a "gut" then you are taking in to many calories. It's that simple. You should be able to build muscle without gaining excess. However, it is a fine line.


You have two options. Either decrease caloric input or increase caloric output (increase cardio).


Good luck! Peace.

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