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meditation instruction

John V

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If you'd like to learn a traditional meditation technique, using a mantra, I'm willing to give instruction and coaching to anyone who might be ready to cultivate a practice of sitting silently EVERY day, or better, twice a day. While the technique has been practiced by many in a "religious" context, it is not dependant on your belief system. It relieves stess and helps concentration while conditioning the nervous system.


My training started over 30 years ago, while in High School, when I learned and practiced the TM technique. While an undergraduate in religious studies I took furthur instructions in the Rinzai Zen and Theravada Budhist traditions. My meditation experiences continued during several trips to India, where I practiced in Hindu Ashrams. Back in the States I spent decades connected with a Hindu Temple and Ashram, where I served on the Board of Directors and as a manager. My current daily sitting practice has been firmly established for 15 years.


Drop me a line if you'd like to furthur discuss this. I'm not interested in any personal profit from any service I may be of in this regard. Thank you for listening to this humble offering.

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