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I'll be in New York / Jersey in October


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Any food suggestions?

Any sightseeing suggestions?


Yeah, there's this real active poster on the forums named Odidnetne who lives in the area and I'd suggest seeing him.


Haha... Well any suggestions?


The whole plan for the trip is to go on a vegan food tour with some friends.

Maybe we should meet up for lunch/dinner or something.

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I'd be the first to suggest Food Swings; however, I recently found out they use hydrogenated oil, as the owner is against the trans fat ban in NYC. So, unless you're okay with eating that, steer clear of Food Swings until the ban takes effect. The only other place I've been is Babycakes (an all-vegan bakery). Damn good cupcakes, but expensive. Also, if you need shoes check out Mooshoes.

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Dr. Fuhrman likes this place so, it has to be good:

http://www.bonobosrestaurant.com/ Mostly or all raw - not sure.


Musts, are Candle 79 and/or Candle Cafe, Zen Palate [union Square or Midtown though, not all Zen dishes are vegan... ask]


A lot of people like Angelika Kitchen but, I didn't think it was as amazing as Candle 79 [different tastes I guess].


I've yet to try Blossom but, heard it can be pricey. Seems worth the treat: http://www.blossomnyc.com


I've had decent experiences at Gobo [and cheap] but, check how food is cooked - some stuff can be rather greasy depending on the prep. http://www.goborestaurant.com/


If you want to explore the restaurants online - one of the best NYC food guides is http://www.supervegan.com

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