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I climbed a Mountain - Acted Foolishly - But lived


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Hey everyone,


I could have been seriously hurt or worse, but I got lucky.


oregonisaac, davidtarrfoster and some non-forum members went out hiking and camping at South Sister (10,500 feet elevation, the 3rd highest peak in Oregon located near Bend).


This will surprise a lot of people since I grew up on a farm in Oregon (one of the most camped places in the US I think)....this was my First Time Camping! At age 27 it was my very first time camping, staying in a tent and all that stuff. It was sooooo much fun, especially with the amazing people I was with.


Anyway, to get to the short story....we arrived around midnight and hiked up a steep trail for an hour or more and set up camp there. The next morning we spent 4 1/2 hours climbing from around 5,000 feet elevation to 10,500 feet elevation. We have some awe-inspiring photos and videos to share later.


It took us over 4 hours to hike up (granted we were taking photos and chatting, etc.) and oregonisaac and I decided to make it down the mountain in less than an hour. I think we dropped 5,000 feet in 45 minutes or something like that. The trail is full of lava rocks, boulders, and it is extremely loose. For some foolish reason oregonisaac and I decided to sprint down the mountain.


I fell about 6 times, one time leaving me motionless and oregonisaac was about to use his EMT skills to get me going again. I had slipped and landed very hard on a sharp rock in the middle of my back. Luckily, no muscle or structural damage was down and I was able to continue on running and rock-skiing down the hill. I was bruised and scraped up, but kept on going at full speed.


At times, I lost complete control and could have smashed my head on a rock or worse. It was sooooooooooo fun, but it was very risky, dangerous, and both of us decided we wouldn't do it again. I realize now that is was very foolish and I won't be doing that kind of thing again.


Others carefully, slowly, crept down the hill with rocks sliding out from under them. They were a good hour or more behind us


The whole trip was amazing, and it was just awesome in every aspect. I just need to learn what is appropriate to pack when hiking and camping. I was in the snow with only a t-shirt and shorts on with strong wind at 10,000+ feet elevation. We thought of many of you and wished you cuold have been hiking with us, especially loveliberate because we know how much he loves this kind of thing.


Here are a few photos. I'll start a photo thread later on since some are just incredible. I'm thinking of possibly using Bend, OR as the location for the Vegan Vacation next year. We've been talking about it for weeks now.


Here are a few "peaks" of what it looks like


A photo from camp:




Less than half way up:




A beautiful photo taken by davidtarr foster from 10,500 feet:


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Wish you could have been there too. Maybe some other time? Soon?


Per Zack's request.....before I go to bed, here are some of me dressed for the conditions:


10,500 feet:




Yoga at the top:




davidtarrfoster and oregonisaac's Dad on their way to the top:




I have WAY MORE awesome scenic photos and videos that I'll post in a couple of days.


What a great experience...................

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Great pics.


I understand the attraction of running to fast down a dangerous hill. Being just slightly out of control is an incredibly exhilirating experience. You really know that you're alive when you are going full speed, thinking to yourself "If I fall down right now, I could be really badly hurt". You have to straddle the line between thinking enough and not thinking too much; let you mind wander or think too hard about where your feet are going and you're going to fall. I've had a few of these moments, although I've never done anythign quite as dangerous as this.

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That looks awesome. I love how different landscapes can look like different worlds.


Bend is supposed to have some mad mt biking. I'm actually just starting to plan a mt biking trip for next Spring, and Bend is one of the places I'm considering. Maybe I should wait and mix in some V.V. with my MTB!

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I'd love to try some mountain biking...it would be a great idea to include this into next year's vegan vacation.


Maybe we could get oregonisaac to lead a mtb ride.


Sounds great! I was actually thinking how fun the trail would have been on a bike (although it is not allowed at South Sister).


There are a bunch of great places near Bend, and also on Mt. Hood which is half-way between Bend and Portland, so it could be an inbetween locations event!


After watching Robert trail run with me, he is not allowed to go.


Just kidding Robert. But falling 1 time and slowing down is one thing, falling 5 times and still running full steam with me, that is a little maso'.

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Really great photos Robert! -And good for you for going on the excursion! Being in Nature is really nice and Oregon has lots of beautiful nature! I think we should plan on Bend area for VV 08! I am sure everyone will love it!

And finbarrio, you should make the mountain bike trip to Or and combine it with VBB stuff! I hope Yogita will come too!

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Thanks. I have many more great photos but I think one of the falls broke my camera, which was in my pocket. It doesn't work anymore.


So I'll be getting a new little camera. I do have a big one but I'm still learning how to use it.


I'm really excited about doing more climbing but I won't be quite as foolish as I was climbing down South Sister. It was such a great time hanging out with the company I was with too. Hope to climb with more of you soon.

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Yeah, just a few hours from my house. Lots of neat stuff out here. I'll post more photos and videos next week. I'm out of town again this weekend.


That was such a great trip! I want to do another Mountain Climbing/Camping/Hiking trip soon!

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Hey Toph-dogg, there is still time before it gets too cold. I'm out of town more than I'm home these days with a National Tour and some regional touring but I may be able to help organize and participate in another mountain climb.


I've been out of town all week and won't be back until Monday night I think, and then I head out again for 3 days as a speaker at a Festival out of town Thursday-Friday-Saturday. I'll catch up with you guys soon.


Welcome to Portland!

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  • 2 weeks later...

More photos:





























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