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if any of you bike experts know what i should do...


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Please let me know!!

For reference...I have a Hercules bike. I know it was made in England and I've been told its from the 70s. All the parts look to be in pretty good shape but let me know what you think....

So seeing as how I only live 5 1/4 miles from my work I figured I would start riding my bike everyday. So this was only the second or third day in a row (about fourth day total) that I have done this and my bike is completely effed in the a.

for quite sometime i could not shift to second gear. the first and second would act as first and the third gear would act as third. about a mile away from work today the chain fell off (for the second time in one mile!!!) and when i put it back on the bike was forever stuck in third gear. so i had the pleasure of biking four miles in third gear. no matter what shifting i did it still felt like the bike was in third. sometimes it would feel like it was in second but after a few seconds it would go right back to third. as a little side note...the chain falls off wayyyyyy too often.


any suggestions?

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The chain shouldn't really come off on that bike. If my memory is correct it has no derailleur to shift the rear gears. Somethings gotta be pretty wrong. It'll probably be hard to fix too since that stuff is hard to come by but it'll be worth your while since people that have them seem to love them. I know a few guys that have one and still ride it around town even though they have $3-4000 bikes so that says a lot for it. I'm thinking you may have some bent teeth on the cog or rings that may be kicking the chain off or you may have a tight link or two in the chain. If your lucky you may just need a new chain.

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