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Pumped About Your Site! -Shelley


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Hi everyone! I just found this site today and I'm really excited to know there are natural bodybuilders. I have been looking into a vegan lifestyle for a few months now and am slowly converting. I started hitting the gym this month and would love to gain five or ten lbs of muscle so I can enter some competitions. I need to find out what suppliments I will need to add to a vegan diet to achieve this without looking too masculine. I have switched over to Silk Soy milk and need more protein choices (ie good tasting protein powders). You all seem very nice and cool! Thanks for welcoming me!

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Hi Shelley!


I love your enthusiasm!!


FOr vegan protein powders, the best tasting vegan supplement is Pure Trim chocolate shake. tastes very chocolately and creamy and is the best tasting vegan supplement i have ever tried. and i have tried LOTS, trust me.


It is also packed with nutrients and other amazing benefits.


here is the info for it:




It doesnt get any tastier than this, in my opinion.

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Welcome Shelley!


Great to have you here.


There are plenty of vegan protein supplements out there including Vega, Genisoy, Naturade, Nature's Plus, Pure Trim, and many others.


Also check out the main site of www.veganbodybuilding.com and then click on Nutrition Help and you'll find plenty of meal programs, lists of protein-rich vegan foods, and more.


Best of luck to you and I look forward to being in touch.


All the best,



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