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Tonya Kay's Online Journal - No More Obese Teenagers

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Excerpt from Tonya Kay's Online Journal ...





I went raw because ... everything in my life was leading up to that moment and always still is.


But really. In retrospect, I went raw more than anything because as I was deciding to come off medications for Manic Depression for the third and in my intentions; final time. I wanted to become healthy. Whatever that meant. I had no idea. The only thing I knew then was what healthy wasn't. I had myself as an example.


Raw foods make me feel good. Emotionally/intellectually. I eat raw food not because someday in the future I might not die the same way a burger-chomper might, but because eating raw food makes me feel good right now. And if I knew I only had one year to live, I would still eat raw food every day that year because it gives me that much joy every day right now it's a great way to live.


Yet, I'm about to talk to you about something else that makes me feel as good - or better even - than eating raw food.


After two years raw a lot of 401-fooders find that they are indeed more energetic, more resilient, have shed pasta puff, are better spiritual magickians and are running consistently at a higher vibration whateverthatmeans. Vibrating totally high like sunshine. The sunshine we eat.


So full on sunshine, now what? We got here because we wondered to ourselves, "how good can it get?" and that intrinsic inborn instinct in us does not go away once we're raw. It amplifies. HOW GOOD CAN IT GET?!?


Serotonin is released during exercise. I paid high costs for seven years of toxic medication to "treat" Manic Depression when ... every time I exercised I felt better than the anti-epileptics ever did. I felt that natural seratonin release. If you want to take your health to the next level, an exertive and consistent physical play program is good for your now visible raw muscles. They shape. They work. The communicate with you. An exercise program is good for your Lover. They run clean. They look sexy. They love getting to know your body running clean and looking sexy when you both work out together. Dancing, hiking, roller skating, surfing, building, biking and a rotating combination of all of the above are good for your body, your Lover's body, your father's body and your daughter's body. No more obese teenagers. They learn how by watching YOU before you thought they were old enough to comprehend. Do situps while you talk to your family. Get them used to it. Stretch in the grass at the public park. Show others how. Give people you don't even know permission to do what their bodies, too, are calling for. Isn't your world is better when everyone in it stretches and feels good, too? No more bad mood bosses.


Then you don't feel so highschool wondering if you "have the right" to use your body in public. You don't need a gym pass for permission, but if that is the trick, then for goodness sake do it. I use my body not because I am trying to prevent some future ailment, or to lose weight (although all of the above are beneficial side effects to exercise as medicine) - I use my body because it literally makes me happy. Right now. And if I knew I had one more year to live, I'd do sits up several times every week until I died because ... it feels god to be in a body that does sit ups. It's as simple as that.


I don't like to work out. I don't like anything with the word work in it in fact. I don't like to hurt and I don't like to force routines upon my flow. So I find endless games to play that involve my body. And I don't have to take my pulse rate or watch the timer or measure anything when I am exercising. Because it IS the moment in my day that time ceases and I feel all my rhythms coming together. Life makes sense when I play physically. I get high and then I rest. And I can't wait to do it again.


I feels good. My lungs are large and capable and my heart is powerful and responsive and my brain produces skyrocket serotonin. I am high when I exercise. I get higher when I exercise than after a three day wheatgrass cleanse. Who needs anti-depressant and mood stabilizing "medications" when our brain works perfectly fine - if we use our food and our bodies to assist it in what it does naturally.




Using my body keeps my brain happy. And my emotions flowing. And my sweat pure fruit water.


How good can it get? It's time to go to the next level.

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