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Ange's Journey

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Thought I'd start a journal where I can post my journey towards my goal of being Vegan and get as much help and support as needed on my journey!!


I haven't eaten animals since March, I am only using cruelty free personal care products, I have gotten rid of all sweaters containing wool and only have one more pair of shoes to replace and then no more leather.


I am still eating the occasional egg and am having a more difficult time giving up cheese and margerine, but that is just a case of laziness in not having done a lot of research.


I have a 7 yr. old daughter who I am slowly getting switched over -- this morning I was sneaky and put soy cheese on her egg mcmuffin (no meat) and she didn't even notice. I did buy the "Vegan Lunch Box" cook book and the lunch box that goes with it and I had the best intentions to get her using it right away, but my focus switched over to my job this summer and I lost 2 months of time to do any reading and research with the insane hrs. I worked. I also lost way too much time with my daughter and I am so angry at myself over that, but that's in the past and time to turn over a new leaf!!


I even have "Thrive" and started reading it and I bought the DVD "Vegan Fitness" a couple of months ago and have yet to watch it! (I am going to watch it this morning!).


Anyway, with summer now behind me as it flew by while I worked and turning 39, I have done some serious thinking over the past few days that I have been off and I have come up with some goals.


Before I turn 40, I will:


1. Have a Mon. to Fri. day job -- no more shift work and no more being expected to work 2 Sat./month (and sometimes the last Sunday as well, depending on which shift!). I am doing this so I can have more time with my daughter.


2. Be Vegan


3. Have a good chunk of money put away towards a place of my own for my daughter and I.


4. Start training for a Figure Comp.


Now, knowing myself as I do, as long as I can stay focused, I will achieve these goals -- the problem always stems from me getting interetsed in a guy, then all my goals fly out the window and then I come back down to earth 2 or 3 months later and I am farther from my goals then when I started. That is what happened over the summer and what happened before -- it is a pattern of mine. But, I guess now that I have realized it, I can work on fixing it!!


This has turned into quite the confessional!!! Thanx for listening!


I'm on my way!!!




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Good luck and I hope this all works out. As for researching veganism...just take a peak at the hundreds of forum members that live healthy and successfully.

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Thanx Veganpotter!! There is SO MUCH info. on this site -- it's great!!


Had a pretty good week and I am feeling better then I have been!! My nutrition was pretty good all week -- ate a lot of raw food and I have been reading labels to check the content!! There are more foods I'm giving up as they are not vegan!! I also bought my multi-vit., calcium and B12 supplements and have been taking them daily along with Vega once a day -- have to make sure I am getting all my nutrients as I am getting this all figured out!!


I bought soy pudding and soy chocolate milk for my daughter -- I put the pudding in her lunch and she said she liked it -- I didn't tell her it was soy!!

I've been making sure she has more fresh veggies and fruit in her lunch box to munch on!


I watched the Vegan Fitness Team's DVD -- so full of info. -- it's an excellent source to have!


As for the job hunt -- I know have a much more professional looking resume and I have applied for one job -- not much happening around here!! I am posting my resume on a couple of places on the internet this week.


I am starting my workout program this week as well.


Anyway -- that's it for my update!!




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Well, turns out my daughter does not like the soy chocolate pudding I bought, but she like the chocolate drink!! I'm happy about that -- there is a milk program at her school which will start up again soon. Her lunches have been getting healthier all the time a soy drink instead of buying her milk! Small daily changes!!



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Congratulations Ange on your wonderful decision. I'm a forty year old vegan mom too! I turned vegan a little over a year ago after reading "The China Study" by Colin Campbell. It's a must read-it will make you stay clear of dairy for good. Has our family's health really improved since becoming vegan! Good luck and keep us posted. Where in Ontario are you? I grew up there too, but now I live in Québec. Ciao

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Thanx Veganitaliana! We live in Prescott, a small town 45 mins. south of Ottawa. I'll be getting "The China Study" nest week!!


It's been a pretty stressful couple of weeks . I realize I am being way to hard on myself for not becoming Vegan overnite. And when I get stessed, I eat and I eat really bad food, which just makes me feel worse and the cycle just keeps on going 'round and 'round!! Work has been stressful too, which is not helping!!


So, I'm going to give myself a break and not be to hard on myself. I am concentrating on eating whole, fresh foods and making sure my daughter is too. The more I can eat that's organic, the better!!


I think I'll start a food journal at home for both of us -- I know I've been feeling lousy, but that's all part of the stress and eating crappy!! I went to my Doctor on Friday and I'm having blood work done tomorrow -- hopefully everything comes back alright!!


Anyway -- just a quick update!

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