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Enjoying sex.


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I like sex. Is nice.


Way to ruin the integrity of the thread...



Haha. I appreciate things that are well thought out (such as the responses above), as well as those things that aren't always well thought out.....



and what a metaphor for sex that is!



Seriously though. Let's spend the night together. Now I need you more than ever.

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If you definitely don't want kids, why not consider having your tubes tied???


I guess you have to accept that sex is heavy thing with heavy consequences, its not a game.



Because I don't think a women could ever feel 100% about something

like that. I am still very young, my mind could easily change in 2, 3 or 5


But so far, I am 99.9% sure I do not want to give birth.




And..yeah, there is a reason it's been years

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(I normally have no sex drive,


You mention no sex drive and not getting a period. Have you ever had a blood draw to have hormone levels checked? Increased prolactin levels can stop a period and reduce sex drive.


Of course I'm no doctor, but increased prolactin levels are more common than a lot of people think, and it can really do some strange things to the body.





Ah yes, I've looked into that. I don't doubt my hormones

were out of wack as an adolescent and my menstrual cycle was

NEVER predictable.

But the reason I do not get my period has nothing to do with

overtraining or hormones, it is because I eat raw vegan.

If I eat cooked food my period comes back.


I've done a lot of self-experimentation with this, and

as far as I've read.. about 70% of women who eat only raw foods

loose their period. Or end up having it infrequently.



And my lack of sex drive has always been there. That's

never changed. It's not like..when I am inlove with someone I don't

want to have sex with that person though, sex is just a big deal to me,

and that spiritual bond you can have with another human being is

a big deal, so it's something I rarely desire I guess...

If that makes sense.

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Ok, here's some advice from a forty year old married woman who has practiced the rythm method for over seventeen years. Yes, I have a child but he was very wanted. The rythme method truly works. Even if you don't have periods you can still ovulate and here's the important thing: You can know when you ovulate. There are physical symptoms such as increased desire before your ovulation, change in vaginal discharge-it's much more viscous and egg whitish before ovulation. I even feel my ovulation on the day of. The best, however, is to take your temperature and chart it out-women trying to get pregant do this in order to best time intercourse for getting pregnant. Do this for a few months and then you'll be an expert at knowing when you're fertile and when you're not.


After that, you've got to deal with all the emotional baggage that is preventing you from just relaxing and enjoying sex. That aspect is probably the toughest to deal with. Talking about it here is probably a good start. Ciao

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Or be with a guy who's had his tubes tied, since it's much less painful, risks of infection and all. I'm suprised it got to page 2 before someone suggested that.


yes. in my county it's free basically. you go to the health dept, tell them you absolutely never want to father a child no matter what. wait a week. call back and tell them you haven't changed your mind. the next day, they give you a time/date to meet the urologist. meet him once, tell him you never want to have kids. he tells you to come back for surgery in X days. go back, get sterilized. go back twice more to give him samples to make sure it worked.


you never get a bill and you never get kids.


i got mine when i was like 26.

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I like sex. Is nice.



I would too if I didn't have a vagina.


He he.. Connect with someone at various levels.. other than physical. Try a slow warm oil massage + candles + aroma etc. .. Take a how shower with someone.. who knows how to go really slow.. making it a sensual experience for all the senses.. and your skin.. on every part of your body.


That is sort of the receipe.

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Before my husband got a vasectomy, I used a cervical cap (with spermicidal jelly).


It prevented pregnancy 99.9 percent of the time... which means that on that one time out of 1,000 I did get pregnant ... yeah, "oops" is the word. So we both went through minor surgery, if you understand my meaning.


I understand your frustration ... even the most "safe" method isn't 100%. By the way, I'm 33 and I haven't changed my mind on the kids issue.

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did you hear this men? vasectomies are sexy! do we really need to bring more children in the world when there are so many to adopt?


That's been my stance since I was 6, or at least knew where children came from....


Adopting is cool too because you can do it at any age, and it doesn't affect the chances of you passing on damaged genes from age.

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