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I just wanted to say hello to you all, but I'm not exactly a stranger. When I did post here, I posted under TeanyRican. I've been a vegetarian since 2003, and was a vegan between Fall 2004 and Winter 2006. This year I went through a period of lacto-ovo vegetarianism. Never again. I haven't felt that miserable since I was an omni.


The past year brought a LOT of changes for me -- school, graduation, beginning a new career (as well as a new life with my sweetheart in our new home), and a promotion. It also brought lots of weight gain which has finally affected my health. What upsets me most is that I was doing so well last year. I suppose it's a matter of balancing out life inside of you and life outside of you.


Taking that in to consideration I've been off to an awesome start on the road to my goals, losing 8 lbs in the last month. My goal is to lose the excess weight and sculpt my body back to health because I'm a hot athletic chick trapped in a hot fat chick's body.


Ultimately, I intend to run a marathon, bike one, or maybe even both.


I'm always open to advice, and I love making new friends. Thanks for your time.


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I'm a hot athletic chick trapped in a hot fat chick's body.


That's too funny.


Welcome back.

I'm learning to try and laugh at the situation; it's just best to try and keep positive so what's better than a little humor?


And thank you!


I love that attitude. I am a sexy athletic guy who got trapped in a pizza, pasta & cheese driven body when he moved to america.

I hear you on that one! That little axis of evil you just mentioned just buried me in excess weight. But I'm confident that this won't be the case forever.

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Welcome! I wasn't here before so I can't say back. Ciao

Thank you so much.


Welcome back, what part of Jersey were you from? Not Edison, right?


I'm up north in West Milford now. When I joined last year, I lived in Roselle and went to school in Edison.


I know where West Milford is.

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