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The Portland Vegan Meetup Event Email List


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Thanks Jessifly!


A few of us are meeting at Laurelthirst on Wednesday Sept 12th at 10:30AM if anyone is interested.


Vegan Pancakes.....yay!


Check Regional Section for more details.



Ooops... I saw this one too late to post it! Robert, join the yahoogroup so you can post these! Also the rest of you Portland area vegans join so you can post and receive meetup notices (There are only 3 of us on the list so far!)

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Too bad you couldnt make it - we had a great time!


There were 11 vegans (3 forum members) who enjoyed the Kennedy School soaking pool hot tub + the tasty food & friendly folks at Nhut Quang. Half of us also braved the cold to take in the excellent view from the park at the top of Rocky Butte.


I hope that all of you locals & Portland visitors get to explore all of these cool spots soon!

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