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Trying to go vegan & need your help!

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I have been a Vegetarian for 9 years now for personal, ethical, & moral reasons & I am trying to go vegan because I believe it's the right thing for me right now, but I need help...

I have a limited budget & want to know were my fellow veggie friends shop & what cookbooks they use?

Can you help me please!!!



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Today I bought four quite large red peppers, five large bananas, four cooked beetroots, five vine tomatoes and five large-ish apples. I don't know what the weights were but they cost me £4.75. Or it might have been £3.75. This was from a self-service stall in a covered market. The peppers would probably have cost me nearly a pound each in a supermarket. In this country I find that local shops offer things at lower prices than supermarkets.


If you cook food yourself and don't rely on expensive pre-packaged foods, you should manage very well on a limited budget. I would advise you to take a multi-vit and mineral tablet. I'd advise anyone, on any diet, to take one. Make sure you eat a good selection of veggies, fruits, pulses, nuts and seeds. Tahini is very useful and versatile, and nutritious. I'm a bread fiend and eat a lot of it - wholemeal, of course. So much is not for everyone, though. But it is filling and cheap. You can also have occasional treats like soya 'cheese' and mock meats. I wouldn't eat too much of them. I prefer simple things.


There are also vegan biscuits/cookies and delicious cakes. Better if you make your own.


Good luck.

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My secret for cheap shopping is FARMERS MARKETS.

First off, most everything is Organic and dirt cheap.

Second, if you make friends with the farmers they sometimes discount there prices even more.


When it comes to protein, i suggest learning how to make your own tofu, tempeh, seitan, etc....its not very hard.


Also buy lots of dry goods, lentils, beans, nuts are pretty inexpensive if you do some research on where to get them in your area.

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a few of my favourite things.


vegan slices of cheese (pre-packaged singles)


yeast as a replacement for cheese.


organic soy yogurts


hemp milk


tofutti better than sour cream (AMAZING)


tofutti cream cheese (makes excellent cheesecakes)


using milled flax seed for egg replacements






how it all vegan


the garden of vegan


blossoming lotus's vegan fusion cookbook




tempeh bacon


toby's tofu pate


organic lime kettle chips and organic valley salsa!




hope this helps!

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there are so many resources veggiesgalore!


One of my favorite places is Trader Joes.


When not dieting, I make Seitan Salads with kidney beans, Tofurkey Italian sausages sauteed with peppers, onions, mushrooms and tomato sauce, Veggie Burgers without the bread, piled with veggies on the side and high protein tofu stir frys with teriyaki sauce.



And there truly is no cheaper diet than a Vegan diet. beans, rice, salsa, veggies, corn tortillas.


Just put into google whatever you feel like making ("Vegan Curried Lentils, Vegan Tofu Stir Fry, Vegan Tacos) and it'll bring up dozens of recipes.


We are all here for ya!

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Hey Jacqueline!

Since you are in Portland I have a couple recommendations! I order my local organic produce from both Pioneer Organics and Organics to You


I don't know if they are considerably less than grocery stores, but my opinion is that they are at least comparable. But there are a lot of advantages to getting produce through them. (good for local community and environmental impact)


Besides that I shop ALL over... mostly in this order.. Fred Meyers has a decent natural foods section, New Seasons, Co-ops, Food Fight, and Wild Oats. I rarely shop at Whole Foods though, it's usually the priciest place I think.


The best cookbook for my transition was Vegan with a Vengeance (I LOVED that book). Now I don't cook food much anymore and eat quite simply so I don't use cookbooks much anymore either.


I think it would be pretty easy to alter any recipe that you already make vegetarian to vegan without adding much cost at all, it might even be less in some cases! What kinds of vegetarian meals do you eat already?


Congrats on choosing vegan!

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