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my pics - brahmanya devi

brahmanya devi

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cause i'm addicted to attention here my pics for you...




moving pictures (videos):






and some pics...



http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/2_collage.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/P0001844.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/P0001849.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/adidas.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/adidas_neu.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/beine_lang.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/defi.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/drehendersprinter.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/grey.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/hallig_handstand600.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/handstand_sportplatz.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/handstand_strand.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/kurzhantel.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/ohnekopf_defi.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/quark-spiegel.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/sandbank_gehen.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/sandbank_laufen.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/schwarz1.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/spagat_bizepspose.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/syd-nee.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/taenzer.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/vinyl_blau.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/%FCbergraetsche.jpg

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Wow! Awesome photos! Thanks for sharing. I have been away from home a lot lately and haven't been online much, but I wanted to say it is great having you on our forum!


Thanks for posting the pics. Your physique is amazing! Great flexibility and strength photos too!

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thanks a lot!


yes, i made the food arrangements...

just had my breakfast:



(also new on gallery "essen")


i love when the apple is little pink on the inside, it tasted fantastically fruity!


the kitchen table today: http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/galerien/Essen/tisch1.jpg

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Good morning!

That looks fantastic! We absolutely have to meet! Looking at you table I know we have a lot of things in common!


i just saw your post... thx

but muenster ist quite far away. that's why i can't either come to the meeting.


today, i received a package from keimling: 2,5 kg really raw cashews, raw chocolate sweets, coconut butter (really yummy).


actually, i'm not raw for 100 % (and i never will because of my lapacho and tulsi tea).

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being that flexible, you must be free of aches and pains, and feel very well.


not really. but getting raw-vegan can cure things like pain in the hip or in the back...


i would like it so much to be much more flexible than i'm now. i really regret that i didn't start with stretching as a child.

i was already 25 when i started with stretching. as a child, i never was flexible (cause i didn't train that).


it's all hart work that lasts long, but you always can improve your body's flexibility.


i love flexibility as it's best, for example like that:


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thank you

i do sivananda yoga.


some more pics...



http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/handstand_buga.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/handstand_hinter_tulpen.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/ich_bade1.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/klettern.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/ruecken2.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/schwert-rueckbeuge.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/skorpion_beine.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/spagat_ausgeschnitten450.jpg http://www.exciplex.de/exciplex/pics/ich/spagat_handstand400.jpg

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