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Besides me: A vegan bodybuilders blog

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Hey all,


I've decided to keep a blog here. I'll write anecdotes of my daily life experiences, which of course will include lots of info on training and diet, as well as my thoughts and random stuff. Hopefully people will enjoy reading it, and hopefully I'll have some interesting stuff to say.


I've lost some strength/weight in the past few weeks due to personal roadbumps. I was eating out alot and eating like crap. I'm going to eat really well now, bodybuilding wise, as I've bought alot of bulk food lately- rice, pasta, oats, potatoes, spinach, romaine lettuce, tofu, fruit, and a few processed soy products. I'm trying to limit the processed stuff and focus on natural bulk foods. I've altered my training a little bit, especially my chest/arms training, but I'm still experimenting. Of course I'll document things as they develop.


Basically, what I'm trying to say is, I'm back in action making it happen. With Robert back into bodybuilding, and others such as Zack and DV getting into it, it's pretty motivating. It's cool how we tend to inspire eachother.


It's good to be back into it. It's also good to see some other people on here makin it happen, BESIDES ME.

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Hey Josh. I was wondering when you were going to start a blog! I could see those wheels turning.....


Anyway, glad you decided to blog. You always have great comments and questions so I'm sure it will be an inspiring read. I'm also glad I could have been part of your inspiration to step it up. SeaSiren was my inspiration initially.


I may hijack your space occasionally because I'm too lazy to blog myself. Just kidding, sort of.

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The last few days have been a whirlwind.

Monday was a good day. I ate ALOT. I had like 6+ meals, over 5000 cals. Potatoes, pasta, rice, tofu, spinach (raw ), shakes. Really good day.


Tuesday was pretty lame. I went to my 11 am class, (upper division) Electricity and Magnetism I, which was fine. Some girl whined to the prof in front of the whole class about the HW set that was supposed to be due tomorrow. He pushed it back to Tuesday, which is absolutely awesome, because I would be totally F*#%ed if it was due tomorrow. But still, it was a bit unprofessional really, and in bad taste, especially for a senior level class, I think. Anyway, after that I bullshitted the day away. Time management is really bad for me, more than anything. I ended up watching Dr. Phil as part of the time wasting . Gotta make sure I do my part to facilitate social conditioning and mindcontrol. After that I trained. It was good. Tri's, Bi

s, and Calves. I went on the "tuesday night bike ride" for like 2 hrs. All around downtown, then we went to some place and played Foot down. Actually I watched people play, and I pumped some Op Ivy from a boombox I brought. It was super fun.


Then I went to campus and pulled an allnighter that I didn't even expect to pull (otherwise I wouldn't have trained). That was the lame part. Mostly.


Wednesday I went to my first class, turned in the hw I pulled an allnighter for, then went home and slept most of the day.


Oh yeah, somewhere between tuesday night and wednesday morning I made a vegan sausage pizza. It was so freaking good.

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On Friday I went to a dessert potluck that the campus animal rights group (that I was the president of last year and am heavily involved in this year) had. It was awesome. So many vegan desserts- cakes, pies, and cookies... no pictures though. Sorry. I did however meet a bunch of new people that are vegan (and biological females.... very nice!). They are really cool and cute. We did some leafletting today on campus which was fun and gave out dozens and dozens of leaflets.


School is still effing nuts. Trying to eat well and train. I trained chest on saturday, it was great. I will train back either today or tomorrow depending on workload. I'm going to start logging the weights again too. I made my best gains when I consistently logged my weights and damn well made sure they went up every week. Gonna get back into that aspect of training.


Well, off to do reading for a really interesting class that is exploring institutionalized racism, sexism, classism, and gender issues. Then I'm going to get piledrivered by a stack of electromagnetism problems due tomorrow.

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I trained Back on Tuesday night for an hour. My workout times are finally reasonable, which is nice. I'm also the strongest I've ever been. Not quite making "Zack gains", but still very satisfied with the results. Monday-Wednesday were hell for me with assignments. Today and tomorrow will be cake, so I'm taking advantage of that and training legs tonight. Supa heavy squats and leg presses today. The last leg workout I did was a hamstring/ glute/ quad-hamstring tie-in focus, so today will mostly be quads. After strengthening my hams over the last few weeks, my squats should go up, and I am making a return to them with full force. I also will be leg pressing 16 plates today, maybe more. I've never seen anybody leg press that many plates at my college gym..... besides me!

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I've actually been logging my weights for the past 2 weeks ! Finally sticking to the principles that let me gain that mass and strength-log the weight, and beat that number next week. Diet is great- consistently getting in 6 meals a day, 200g protein. Looking to add more calories still, but working up to it.


Squats are super good. 235x6 reps to parallel with great form. Leg press is currently at 700 pounds for 8 reps to parallel. The most I've done is 745 for 10 reps, so I want to get back to that, and beat it. 800 pounds.... 800 solid ass pounds!

Tomorrow is chest and calves. Erebody wanna be a bodybuilder, but ain't nobody wanna bench press! I'll do it though!

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I like Ronnie. He's so crazy and his quotes are so outrageous. That's why I quote him, it's funny to me the stuff he says just because of who he is and the way he says it, even if I don't eat 'good ole steak' or 'energy pills'.


Josh you crack me up

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Trained Chest and calves on Friday. Bench is okay, at 150 lbs for 8 reps. I've been a little stronger in the chest department, but since I stopped logging weights I was guessing with numbers and not really pushing myself, but now that I have the full log down it's on. Somebody gone let the dogs out!!! Also did db inclines with 50's, really nice form.


After the workout, my upper back/neck area felt a little stiff. I woke up on Saturday morning with a stiff neck. I put some icy hot on it, wore sweatshirts, and took a recovery/eating day.


I'm off to train legs tonight. Gotta get those numbers up baby. The teardrops are just starting to come in. I was really excited when I faintly saw the outline of them in the mirror. It's on now!

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