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Good to see you've got a Train Log Josh...

I gotta keep and eye on you youngsters,

If you start catching up to much I'll have to ditch this cutting phase and start eating again, lol.


I will catch up, might take a while though.



Josh you better make it happen cause I caught up to you and passed you in a month on bench.


You're such a lightweight.


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Did legs tonight:


Squats 135x12, 190x10, 225x8, 235x6, x5

Leg Press 745x10, 10; 800x10 (didn't quite go to perpendicular), 800 lbsx 6 good form on this one!!!

High and Wide Leg Press (for teardrops) 540x 7, 7, 6

Leg Extensions, 4 sets with toes out for teardrops emphasis


Nice leg workout, then I took some creatine, glutamine, and had a 50 g protein shake about 20 min later. Watched some Ronnie videos, and now I'm (trying) to study for a linear algebra test tomorrow.


Remember folks: Like Brutus, you can do dis.

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I cut the studying off last night at about 4 am to get 6 hours of sleep. Better than nothing, although I really like to get over 7 on days I train legs (to get that GH flowin baby).


Had my linear algebra test today. Low B/High C= lame. I studied forever for this. There was just too much junk on this test, and it was all so damn esoteric. The test itself was super long too. Oh well. Can't say I didn't try.


I leafletted this morning for my AR group. It was cool.


Tonight, I'm gonna train shoulders, traps, and calves. I may train with a cool, cute vegan chick, though I don't have any interest in her (I'm going for more of the Zack type ). Either way it should be a fun training session.


Gotta get those shoulders bigga baby. I'll let you guys know how it goes later. Erebody wanna be a bodybuilder, but don't nobody wanna press this big ole weight... But me!

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Trained Shoulders, Traps, and Calves today with my friend Jenna. I showed her how to do some lifts like DB shoulder press and overhead tricep extensions. She has a pretty good body, but wants to lose some fat and gain some muscle. She seriously doesn't have much fat at all and could get a pretty hard body if she wanted too. I'm pointing her in the right direction, so hopefully she gets what she wants out of the whole fitness lifestyle, though I'm not precisely sure what she wants out of it exactly or how much she is willing to do just yet. Regardless, it was fun training with someone.


Workout went something like this:

Side laterals 15 lbs x10, 20 lbs x 8,8

DB shoulder Press 35's x 10, 8 ,8 These felt weird. Haven't done DB's in forever. I know I can do more weight than this. We'll see next workout.

Seated BB Press 115x 10, 125x8, 8 I'm counting the bar as weighing 45 lbs though not too sure b/c I had to use a smith (college gym is filled with rookies on a monday night)

Reverse Cable Flies for rear delts

Shrugs with 60 lb DB's 5 sets of 10 reps

BB shrugs 135x10, 185x10, 10

Calf stuff- Seated and standing raises, rotations


It was a good workout. I wanted to shoulder press more, but of course there is always room for improvement. I've seen a definate decrease in trap size since swapping out clean and jerks for db press- but I think the db press is important and I don't want to ditch the seated BB smith press because I really like that. We'll see. All in all, with so little sleep and stress from my test today, I'm satisfied.


Tomorrow I work my ass off for school. I'll take a rest day probably, and hit back and abs on Wednesday. Peace.

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I took an off day today. I didn't go to my class today and didn't do work. I was just burnt out from exams and assignments I had due Monday, and not getting any sleep. I slept for 12 hours last night. That is the most sleep I've gotten in a LONG time. It was awesome. Got out of bed, had breakfast, got a haircut, ate a bunch of food. My weekends are super busy, buying food, cleaning my kitchen/apartment, making sure I have my meals ready to go for the next week. We all need an off day sometimes, so I took it today. No regrets.


I did the weekly Tuesday night ride tonight. There were at least 300 people, as usual, on our bikes, riding through the city and just having fun. It's always a good time. My quads were sore from legs 2 days ago, but it's all gravy. Rode for about 90 minutes all over town. Then I went home and ate over 50 g protein, soy brats and potatoes, for meal #4. I'll have another meal before bed, so only 5 meals today, but it's all good.


Tomorrow is one of my best friends evers Birthday. I love this kid, he's vegan sxe and so fucking cool. I'm sure we'll hang. I also will hit up back tomorrow. Gotta get that back supa wide baby! Peace.

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Hit the back attack today. Went something like this:


Lat Pulldowns, 110 lbs x 10, 10, 10

Seated Cable Rows 140 lbsx10, 150 lbsx 8, 140 lbs x10

Pullups to failure, 3 sets

DB Rows- 85 lbs x10, 95 x 10, 100 lbs x 8, 7

Iso Lat Machine (love this)- 70lbs on each side, 3 sets of 6-8

3 sets of high rep Hammer Strength close grip rows as a burnout.


For some reason, on back day, my TRICEPS are all pumped up, busting out, and looking outrageous. I don't get it really. The funny thing is on chest or tricep day they just look puffy and ill-defined, but on back day my tri's look thick and cut. I guess as a supporting muscle to the bicep they get worked? Strange... .


Not sure if I'll train tomorrow. At best, with school, I go 2 days on 1 day off with heavy lifting, due to stress and usual lack of rest. At worst I try and go every other day. So I may take an off day tomorrow, or I may hit up chest. We'll see.

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I trained Chest Thursday night. It was cool, made some improvements from last week.... Although my chest never got sore. Hmm....


I trained LEGS yesterday. I almost died. I'm not kidding. It was horrible. But I moved some good weight.


Squats 135x12, 190x10, 225x8 good form here especially with the weight, 235x7, 5 could go a little deeper on the 235's

Leg Press 3 sets with seven hundred something, to parallel, 9 reps

High and wide leg press 540x8, 8, 8

Seated Leg Curls 3 sets

Lying Leg curls 5 sets

Leg Extensions 3 sets


The weight looks similar to last week, although I did go deeper on everything except the 235 lb squats, where I've hovered right above parallel. No 800 lb press this week because I seriously felt ill all day yesterday, and almost passed out while training. Plus last week when I did this I was really pumped up with adrenaline and happy to be pressing; yesterday I just wanted to go home, but finished the workout.


I'm on campus today getting work done, but I'm gonna go sneak in calves and abs for a half hour, then get back to work.



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Hey all,


I hit back on Tuesday. I did lots of pullups and nice, slow pulldowns. I also worked on really squeezing my back on some of my machine rows. On DB rows, the form was satisfactory. I used 105 lb dbs for those.


I took wed and thurs off. I really wanted to train. I can't wait to get back in the gym. But with tests and assignments, I can't be sure that I can get the rest in order to make training worthwhile. I won't train if I can't get at least 7 hours of sleep. It's just not worth it to me.


Tomorrow I will hit up chest and calves. It should be fun!

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Zack is bugging me to update this, he wants updates on my life.

I'll update this proper tomorrow, hopefully I'll remember to bring my log book. I hit back today though, rowed 100 lb db's with good form, deadlifted 145 for 7 reps (remember I started with 95 lbs a few weeks ago, trying to get the form right and not that scary shit from that youtube video). I also trained chest and bi's yesterday, incline pressed 55's, nothing too special, and curled 70 lb BB for reps, amongst other things. Just letting you all know I'm still alive.

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(remember I started with 95 lbs a few weeks ago, trying to get the form right and not that scary shit from that youtube video).


" title="Applause" />


That was outlandish bro!


I could pull at least 185 I think, now, with good form. The gym, as usual, was rushing me out today, and deadlifts were last on the list of many back motions. No excuses though, only results!

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Legs saturday


Warmup on bike 5 mins


Stretching warmup


Good Mornings

3 sets to warm up lower back/hams








Leg Press (went for depth more than usual)






Leg Curls

3 sets


The gym closed early, for the semester, so no legs until I get back home, which should be this weekend anyway.

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