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Looking for some inspiration, went back a page and checked out your pics again. Mission accomplished.


Thanks for the compliment bro!


I hadn't seen you post for a bit so I was wondering about you. I watched your training vid again today. That song is awesome and I'm envious of your 100 lb dumbells press. Mine is up to 70's now, gotta get that up!


To anyone else interested, I haven't updated this lately but of course I am still training. I had a crazy back workout yesterday that really hit my lower lats and lower back, areas that I'm consciously working on improving. I'm very excited about the lower lats, I always thought I was "doomed" to have high lats but through training they are creeping on downward.

I also hit legs up on friday but I felt like such shit, I thought I was going to die midway through squats, but I finished the workout. Chest tomorrow and eating time now!

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