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Reintroduction: Jonzen is back


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Hi everyone,


I thought maybe it would be good for me to reintroduce myself because I have been gone for so long. I'd like to make new vegan friends, learn more about the raw vegan diet, and get back into some training.


The summer flew by. Speaklow was here, staying with me, and his wonderful intense and differentiated energy, plus a show of my paintings at High Desert Gallery, kept me completely occupied.


I'd like to get more involved here on VBF, and hopefully meet many of the members who live in the Portland area! I would like to move to Portland too, to give the city life a try.


Good to be back here again!



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Welcome back! Sorry I missed you when you traveled through Portland over the summer.


Great to have you back on the website forum. Our community is growing so you'll see lots of new faces and names.


Have fun and maybe see you in Portland sometime. (maybe at the Vegan Holiday Festival this year).

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Loveliberate, Thank you so much for your welcome!


I have been over here in the Camp Sherman/Sisters area of Central Oregon for 20 years! I am admittedly a whimp when it comes to imagining moving to another place alone! (I came up here in 1987 with my partner, who died in 1995). Speaklow stayed with me here this summer and kept telling me about Portland and how it is the best city for vegans. Since he left I have been feeling like I missed the boat!


What I would like is to live in some kind of vegan household, I cannot easily afford a place on my own, I am an artist. Ideally I would like to grow vegetables and fruits and berries to eat. I am thinking about the possibility of taking some classes up there in Portland this Winter, but I still will need to find a place to live. I do not wish to live alone anymore, I have been alone for the most part for 12 years!


I would love to make a trip to Portland to meet all the characters that reside on this forum!


Thanks to all of you who have welcomed me back! I hope to see you all soon!



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Heya Jonzen,


That was a quick reply!


Portland is definitely my favorite city & it would be great to have ya join us here. I'm happy to help your move be more comfortable & I'm sure other forum folks would help out too. As a start, come up for a visit & I can show you some of the many nice nieghborhoods spread around the city. Or do ya already have a good idea of what area ya want to be in?


I'll keep my eyes & ears open for a living arrangement like ya describe - if ya like, I can put up "Housing Wanted" flyers around town at various vegan hotspots for you. Craigslist is an awesome resource as well.


If ya ended up in a place where growing food wasnt so easy, Portland has quite a few community gardens.

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