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at first i have to tell everybody that my english-skills are...

not very good (!!sorry!!)...


i´m a 20years-old.vegan.antifascist.anarchist from germany

i do strength training since 8 month; train some

martial art skills like boxing/kickboxing and run

sometimes into mother`s nature


i`ll use this forum to get tip`s for a vegan balanced diet and

for training in connection with vegan food

and i would like to get some recepies (like d.i.y. protein shake or somethin like that)


so... i go into my little training room right now and lift some little weights

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thank you jonzen




yeah, i´m very motivated, but it`s not easy to combine

work (i visit a nurse school + practice in a big clinical centre[traumatic station]) +

training + hobbys (cooking,music,social engagement in an alternative youth centre)...

but i try to do sport every day [minimum 1 hour] and mostly i find the time to do that

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I know all about the busy schedule concept! I go to school full time and I'm a single mom. Keeping up with the kid, doing homework and finding time for friends, the gym and other crap can be hectic. I guess we all find ways to make the things we want to do priorities in our lives. At least that is where I am at in all of this =)

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