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i want my body back!....whatcha got?

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okay.. so - i finally had the baby 6 weeks ago. (he's beautiful, by the way!! hopefully i can get pictures up soon!)


BUT - This being my 3rd time around... it's taking longer for my body to "bounce" back.


So what i need are efficient excersizes/regimines that can help me get back to normal, you know? i really miss feeling fit and together.


**we are borrowing a neighbor's computer for now - so i will respond as soon as i can.


Thanks for the help and input!



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The book is fairly old, but have you checked out "Robb Parrs Post Pregnancy Workout"


He was Demi Moore and Madonna's trainer.


I really liked his routine for progression of abdominal exercises, because it is the weakest area after the baby and the most important area to train SAFELY!!!


I'm sure you can find a used copy on Amazon for a really good price.

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