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I want more muscle, more flexibility, more endurance...

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more strength, more rythme, more grace, more time outdoors.


So how's that for a wish list?


What am I doing to do to get what I want?



1) Baladi 2 hours a week.


2) Badminton 2 hours a week.


3) Rock climbing (actually indoor wall climbing) 2 hours a week.


4) Viniyoga 1 hour per week.


5) Walking, hiking 6 hours per week.


6) Puny lightweights that I find at my gym-it's quite pathetic the amount of weight I can lift and how little I know about it-I'll try for at least 1 hour a week.


7) Swimming 1 hour per week.


I'm going to the gym almost every night for either a class or a workout. Now I'm heading off for a walk with my dogs. Hasta la vista...

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Today, I kicked some butt I put on some baladi music and went to work!!!


I'm really happy with my workout


In between two rain clouds, I power walked for an hour. Plus, 30 mins on the Gazelle for my cardio.


Strength traIning: 20 assisted chin ups


3 planks held for a minute each.


10 frog jumps.


duck walking (really tough)


30 squat lunges


Stretch tubes for every muscle I could think of.


20 minutes of baladi.


1 yoga routine to stretch out at the end.


Total time 2.5 hours


I'm exhausted now so I'll watch a movie. Ciao


Just because I haven't been writing everyday, doesn't mean I haven't been working out. By the end of November I think I should be ready to post some before and after pictures.

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Went to the gym with my family today. We played badminton for 45 minutes (no it's not a sissy activity-it's very strong cardio).


I did another 15 minutes of taekwan-do sparring with the gym's dummy to round out my cardio.


Adductor 35kg 30 reps


Abductor 35 kg 30 reps


Weighted crunches 50 reps at 30 kg.


I also did some balance work and stretchs. Total time 1.5 hours.


A little easier than yesterday, but I'm happy nonetheless.

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Good day everyone!


Well, I'm proud of myself today and thank goodness it's also a sunny beautiful fall day.


What have I done so far:


1) 20 minutes on the rowing machine.

2) 1 hour power walk outside in the glorious sun.

3) 20 assisted chin-ups

4) 15 minutes with the stretch tubes-mostly my legs.


Now I'm off to my courses of baladi.


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Beautiful sunny day today.


So far I've power walked for one hour with some running intervals-I'm trying to incorporate more running. The woods were gorgeous today. I also did some gardening for an hour.


Tonight, I'm off to the gym to wall climb, swim and train with the weights.


Total time today: 3 hours.

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Good news, I took my pedometer with me on my power walk today and I liked the results. My usual walks are 7kms long with 9877 steps.


Plus, I bought myself a BFI scale-although I'm not sure how accurate they are. My weight is down to 123 pounds and my BFI is 18.5%. (Down from 145 pounds in March and 165 since becoming vegan just over a year ago).


I'm really happy with my changes.

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