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soccer, anybody?


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on thursday evening my favourite soccer club (1.FC Nürnberg) had it's first international game since 1988. it was also my first match against an international opponent (rapid bukarest).

the match ended 0-0 because our strikers missed the goal constantly now we have to focus on the second leg which will be in romania.

here are some photos and short clips to show how awesome the ambience was. especially the choreography shortly before the match started.


on the way to the stadium




another one




in the stadium




the view from my seat




a short clip showing the end of the choreography when everybody threw his paper which he had to hold up away




now, the most awesome thing: the choreography


here you can download two short videos:





this page contains a lot of videos, too:



and some pictures:







from the official site:




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Fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, seeds, etc. Should be pretty easy nearly anywhere in the world


I'm sure it is very easy to be vegan in South Africa. I have a bunch of friends there and know a vegetarian or two over there as well. I hope to make my trek there in 2010.

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