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my wife and i carry around a lot of supplies for our feral cat work in our tiny civic, including (though not all at the same time) as many as three hav-a-hart traps, gallons of water, a bale of hay, shelters, plates, bowls, towels, sheets, a roll of visqueen, etc.


i had a dream where i was driving a volvo station wagon, and it was awesome - comfortable, roomy, and safe. plus it had room for all our stuff.


what i'd really like to get is a van though. i had been thinking of a ford E250, as it would be big enough for us and all 21 of our kids if we had to evacuate in a hurricane.


but then i just saw this today. a white ford is probably more practical, but how cool would it be to zoom up to an animal rescue or a protest in this?



the A-Team (where A=animal).



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that Van Rules !!!!

did you check for bullet holes?


heh. i didn't actually see it in real life. i just saw a bit about it on neatorama. some ppl in britain own it, and you can rent it out for parties, weddings, prom, etc.




but i was just saying, it'd be great to get our van customized like that. once we have a van, of course.

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