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as the minutes count down...

V VII Hero

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(this is my long usual rambling posts)



as many of you have read I'm going thru a rough phase in my life trying to figure out how Im gonna manage to live.

Ive come to a rough decision but Ive decided that $10,000 more in debt to get certified isnt worth it.

(in the end I will have to pay back about $8600 loan, and food, transportation, etc, not to mention I already have a couple thousand dollar loan I am paying right now.)


If I really want to be certified I can spend $500 like Kalani suggested and get certified as a personal trainer that way over the internet. I already know the hands on stuff, so why go to a school for something I already know? Its just gonna waste $$ I dont have. not to mention I will be living very uncomfortabally with having to go to school fulltime, work fulltime, and have to basically cut down on eating (whats the point of becoming a trainer if I cant manage to even take care of myself). going to school will be counterproductive for me for bodybuilding. I cant mentally take it. and I wont be able to physically keep in shape due to lack of $$. sorry everyone, right now at this point in my life I Cant.

My uncle giving me a place to stay is great cause I have a place to sleep at night, but will cost me a very lot of $$ cause of the tolls, gas prices, and distance.


I wrote a list of the finances, and I will be negative dollars every month, and not able to eat. not to mention in an area that I cannot stand. I do not like the NYC/hoboken area. it just aint me. I feel so out of place. Im a country boy. and big cities and me do not mix. the only places I ever felt comfortable in was portland, mt hood Oregon, england, and vermont.


anyway here is the new new plan (I hate the fact im always changing my mind, but this time at least its gone back to an original dream ive had since i was a teenager. and all the goals and dreams I have now are just to get back to that original one. so why not just do the original one now? ).



-unenroll from the school and explain at this time in my life I cannot afford to attend.

-call the loan company and return the loan money

-I have zero dollars in monetary value. but in posession value Ive got a good $5,000 (car, extra snowboards, computer, etc.)

-register and inspect car, oil change, etc

-Ive got insurance on the car now

-pack lots of cans of food and cereal and stuff into the car

-pack all my clothes, snowboards, etc into the car

-somehow manage to come up with $500 for gas.

-charge my video camera up and hit the road

-drive across the country to Oregon

-get a job at mt hood (Im certified snowboard instructor, and certified ski/snowboard technician). this will give me free snowboard pass, and money for food.

-sell my car immediately and use the money to get an apartment, or try to room with someone in portland and pay rent, or lodge up at the snowboard resort paying rent $.

-use public transportation to get around.



I know many of you wont agree with me on this one. and you were counting on me to become a personal trainer. and I apologize for being so fickle. but its not easy to try to plan youre life out. its soo not me. Id rather just live it. I dont like stress, so why create it? I dont like debt, so why get myself further into it? for $500 I can become a PT at me leisure and comfortability, rather than $10,000 and not able to even eat right.


I originally got into weightlifting to condition myself for snowboarding.

I still plan to bodybuild and help others thru veganbodybuilding.com, so no worries. I wont be any different status than I am now, except I will be living my dream and happy.


I dont need a million dollars or lots of things to make me happy.

just putting a smile on kids faces, and having my health is all that is important to me.


I dont want to be anything. I dont want to be a "personal trainer", or a "snowboard instructor". I want to be me. A guy who is vegan, and teaches snowboarding and bodybuilds. A guy who helps others and enjoys life. I dont want to force myself into debt and horrible living situations just because its "normal". Im standing up and rather than talking bout it, Im doing it.


I'm me, and I'm living life.

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Topher it's good you are just going directly to what you wanted to do instead of expending lots of money over 6 months for something that didnt really seem to be necessary for you anyways. If I understood correctly you wanted to end up teaching snowboarding anyways. Have a nice trip.

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Wow! I know we chat about all kinds of plans for you and they change like the wind, much like my past few years.


I'm over at Kyle's (Video Producer) house printing out multiple copies of the DVD Trailer for Vegan Fitness Built Naturally featuring The Vegan Fitness Team.


I asked him if I could check my e-mail. As I read this I could barely make out the words to tell him. I've planned on you moving out for many months now, as that has been your plan for a long time. I guess I got overly excited knowing you'd be out here soon, I nearly got a bit emotional explaining to him all about you (not that he hasn't heard about you before) and that you might be out here soon.


Currently I'm not in Portland, as you know I'm in Corvallis, but if this is something you decide to do, please come stay with Me and Megan for a couple of weeks and eat well, hang out, relax, train with the Vegan Monster, and then we'll get you up to Portland


As Compassionate girl said and as I'm sure Everyone on here will agree, we're behind you 100% or 1000% to make sure are HAPPY and doing what you want.


I've had that discussion many times, why spend 30 years or more doing a job you don't like? Why study things you're not interested in? Why live places you don't like? Why do things to make others happy but not yourself? Life is yours to do what you wish and it makes sense to be happy and to be doing things that bring you joy.


I really really look forward to hanging out when you get here.


You've got OUR support brother.


Get in touch anytime, if you need help with anything let me know. Even if you need some gas money for the drive out, you know who to talk to, get in touch.


All the best,


-Thin Thin Looking forward to hardcore Vegan Bodybuilding Him

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hey rob!!


I cant wait to see that DVD trailer.


I know we've talked so much about things. currently Ive dropped weight and my legs/glutes are nonexistant. I am having trouble eating and sleeping right. and i realized holy crap this is what its like to live a city life. eff that.

my health should be my number one priority, especially for a bodybuilder.

dont be surprised when you meet me if I am unproportional and on the lighter side. heh. i'll get it back in no time.


Corvalis it is. thank you so much for opening your home to me (rob and meg). thank youu thank you

I will come get myself situated, sell the car, and find a job. (id like to get a job up on the mountain with snowboarding. or healthfood store, music store, or gym....we'll figure it out.) perhaps i could find a place cheap in portland, or I could lodge at the resort if i work there.


thanks compash, rob , meg, and collegebrian,

im stoked ppl are behind me on this. it makes me feel righteous, ya know?


I figured cause i love bodybuilding and eating right i would so be in the science/study part of it, right? well no that takes the fun out of it, and makes it become work.


"Life is yours to do what you wish and it makes sense to be happy and to be doing things that bring you joy. "


this is very true. ive never heard anyone ever put it like this before.


I want to travel the USA from EC to WC. my grandfather did it in a custom built motorcyle. he designed a weatherproof housing around it....kinda like the popemobile on 2 wheels. the guy was a genious. after he passed away it has inspired me to eat healthy and to travel across the country.


most likely my biggest concern is going to be gas money to get out there since I have zero dollars. once im out there, no big deal, as I will flip my car for cash (car is worth $5,000 bluebook), and can pay back anyone who lent me gas money to go across the country. I figured it will cost me about $500 to go across country.


Im gonna bring food with me, and sleep in the car in rest stops when Im tired. so I wont waste money on motels, or food. the only expense I have is tolls and gas.


Im gonna film a lil here and there of pretty scenic places, me on the road with no cd player, some story telling of me on the road. who knows. i will probably just end up driving and totally forget to document it. haha.


okay so rob I will PM you for address details and stuff.


as soon as i can manage to earn $500 somehow. im coming.

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Hey Brother!


I'm glad to know that you are very happy about exciting things that are coming up.


I got your messages and read your posts here as well. I was thinking of something.


We have people from all over the US on this forum. Maybe along the way you could visit some of our forum members if they happen to be in the cities you travel through. Maybe some people from here would be willing to give you a place to sleep for a night, a good vegan meal or two, a good visit, and some snacks for the road.


What do you folks say? If you're on Topher's route, I say invite him over to say hi.


I'll hit you back with another message, I'm about to sleep now and Megan is already fast asleep.


Dude, the movie trailer rocks! I just showed my Mother and her friend and I'll be showing some friends this week, and we have a movie promotion up in Canada this weekend so I'll be out of town for about 4 days.


Take care brother, all the best, and I guess.....see you soon!


-Thin Thin Kickin it with Topher Him

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Ok, so I WAS fast asleep like Robert said, but I myself am so stressed out about stuff that I couldn't stay asleep and got up to make a cup of herbal tea...so when I do, Robert is on his computer in the living room, and tells me the news....I am so excited! Of course we're both totally behind you Topher, I can't wait for you to get out here! Hope you like my kitties if you're crashing here

How exhilarating to finally have a decision and to act on your dream. Again - can't wait to see you!

Good luck with all your preparations.

and now - I'm going to try to go back to sleep.

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Road Trip!!!


Topher, this trip sounds way cooler than personal trainer school. If you are sticking to the northern part of the country, you will pass by Tyler (veganfitness.net) in Cleveland and Ryan (Veganessentials) in Minnesota. I bet those guys would hook you up for a night and some cool training opportunities too.


Oregon is going to be awesome. A lot of ski resorts offer free or low cost housing to employees. I'm sure you will find a situation that works for you.


I think most of us have dreams and aspirations that change on a regular basis. The difference between us and you is that you are young and free and can follow your dreams at a moments notice. Live it for all it's worth before life finds a way to tie you down!


Good luck and keep us posted.

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thanks michael.


I'll have you know I am trying to grow my forearms as big as yours! hehe.

youre a great guy. we definately have to hang out again sometime.




that castle rocked!


youre also a big inspiration to me. your personality is just amazing. so free spirited, easy going, and funny.


I will have to plan out my route and post it online and then try to meet up with vegan members along the way such as tyler and ryan.



"Oregon is going to be awesome. A lot of ski resorts offer free or low cost housing to employees. I'm sure you will find a situation that works for you. "

^ oh I know brother. I know! and I cant wait.

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I've managed to get $34.00 from all the coins Ive had.


only $465.00 to go til I can move.


I have a couple days to somehow come up with the money.

tomorrow I unenroll and unveil my plan (cause my uncle will tell family)...so I totally need to somehow come up with the money asap.


anyone know how to make quick cash any legal ways?

I have lots of stuff but I dont know of any pawn shops near.

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Is it true your coming to Oregon? If so we should have a big ol’ party (I say that but I do have a place to have it). Or if nothing else just hang out… I wouldn’t even mind making the trip down to Corvallis (although Portland is better )


yes it is true. I am in the process of somehow trying to get gas money to travel the USA. I will be staying at Robs and Megs in Corvallis. Eventually I will live in Portland


party sounds like a great idea, but since I have no idea when I will gather gas money and how long it will take me to travel the USA, I can give an exact date.

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hey tropher man, if i had my own place to stay i would say come up here and board in vt. i know we don't know each other very much at all, but one vegan to another, you know. Well the best to you. hope everything works out awsome. if you do end up in vt letme know asap i will take care of ya.




oh also you can save money on oil changes by doing it your self. wicked easy... let me know if you want info on how to do it. its wicked easy.

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hey tropher man, if i had my own place to stay i would say come up here and board in vt. i know we don't know each other very much at all, but one vegan to another, you know. Well the best to you. hope everything works out awsome. if you do end up in vt letme know asap i will take care of ya.




oh also you can save money on oil changes by doing it your self. wicked easy... let me know if you want info on how to do it. its wicked easy.


thanks danny. I have met vegans from all over the world and have stayed with them, so I dont mind meeting new ppl. Im very comfortable around people I dont know. and by the end of the day I talk as if we've known each other for years. lol.


thanks so much for the offer. I might take ya up on it in the future, as I want to make my way to vermont sometime to snowboard. so perhaps for a couple week vacation, I could stay with you. but first thing is first. I am driving to Oregon and training/living there for a while.


yeh I already know how to chance my own oil. and I just put new rotors and brakes on the car myself. Im not a car jock but I know the basics.

I do need the oil changed and the filter, and a new air filter but i dont have time or money. I might just go to a quick lube place and get them to do the oil stuff (so they can expose of the old oil...i have no where to bring it to, and i wont just dump it in the woods). the air filter I can do myself...I just have to find money to buy a new one.

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the car needs the transmission tightened as it "kicks" but I dont have money for it, plus it drives fine, just bucks every now and then. I think I can make it 3,000 miles and be alright.

the car also needs a new air filter, and an oil change.


I pawned off my computer, digital camera and a bunch of other stuff. I got literally next to nothing for any of it, but I had no other way to make the money. I have no time to sit and wait for someone to be interested in buying. I also sold my bass to the music store.


It felt great to get rid of most of my stuff. I feel so much lighter. like the weight of the world is slowly coming up off my shoulders.


I know have $150.00 for my trip so far. $350.00 I still need.

Im so stoked about this trip. yous have no idea. I am running around like a lil kid trying to pack up and gather money.

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man since i have no job i should just pack up sell my cars and go with you.


but not that easy on my part. plus i'm not as good at snowboarding as i used to. although the other day i was considering not getting a job again untill after winter and send all my time up on th slopes.



hey maybe you can start a "Trip For Tropher Fund" got pay pal? Maybe some people can help you out with a few extra bucks! i know i would

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I had paypal til some virus was sent to it and deleted my accounts money. luckily I only had liike $8.00 in it.

paypal sent some email to me apologized but my account had been virused/breached or something. I was like fuck this, and deleted my account and stuff. and had to pay $2.00 to my bank account cause it had taken out extra money. and I will never put my bank account online again. fuck ebay.


youre more than welcome to come on the road with me. help chip in for gas, and I'll come pick ya up in vermont. and then off to oregon we go.

Im a snowboard instructor. if you want to brush up on your skills I'll teach ya for free.

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Hey "little" brother,


I guess I should say "younger", we're probably about the same size


I sent you a package today, it should help get you a few hundred miles. It's not much, but some help.


I am having problems with paypall right now. I changed my password and now they won't let me transfer money to my bank account unless I call from a landline, I just have a cell and been so busy lately I haven't done it yet. It's all the money to donate to animals and school, so I guess it's good that it is stuck there for now so it won't go anywhere and when I get back I can donate it.


I'm off to Portland tonight and Canada tomorrow.


Best of luck Topher and like I said, I know people all over the country so let me know which state you are in day to day and I may have a friend who lives there and could take you in, give you some food and some snacks or change for the road.


Best of luck on your journey. Your package should arrive Saturday or Monday, so if you're still around it'll get to ya.


Take care brother,


-Thin Thin Road Trip Him

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goodluck in canada promoting the movie


thanks so much Robert. Any lil bit of money will help me. a few hundred miles is great! youre a bigger brother.


I will call you everyday from the road and let you know my progress and which States I'm in, etc.


it looks like I might be able to put a new floor down over the weekend for my mom and get $100 from her for my labor. and get $200 from a friend who owes me about $600 (but if he can put front $200 out fo the 600 he owes, I will call us even.)


so I might have enough money to squeek by (around $500.00). I am gonna try to wait til about tuesday next week before I take off.


I will keep you all updated with everything about the exact time and day im leaving.



I am almost done packing.


I really am not taking much with me. just bag of clothes, snowboards + gear, some food, my guitar, and my videocamera. It will look like a lot cause the snowboards are big. but Im travelling light and loving it.


Robert one of these snowboards+bindings is for you. Im totally gonna teach you to board.

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