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as the minutes count down...

V VII Hero

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Michelle from myspace sent me $50 gas card.

and a goodluck written card. She is so sweet. <3


$300.00 in the pocket (gas money/tolls)


$200 to go.



This wednesday I move out (originally told family thats the date im moving out)....but havent received the $200 a friend owes me. So I most likely will have to hang around and sleep in my car til he can give me the money Friday night, then I am out first thing saturday morning. I will tell my parents that I have a place to stay and not to worry bout me. Once I drive to Oregon I will inform them about my change in plans. cause if I tell them that I am driving across the country they will worry. so once I am there, I will tell them and Im sure everything will be cool. Im almost 22 and can live my own life.

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Your birthday is the day after Tonya Kay's birthday. I was telling her all about you as we went on a long brisk walk along Stanley Park in Vancouver.


I have another $ donation arriving on Tuesday, should get you a good thousand miles or more. I'm putting on around 800 miles on my roundtrip to Canada and it didn't cost me too much. My car gets pretty good gas milage but even with prices high, going a steady freeway speed can get you pretty far on limited funds.


Best of luck my vegan brother!


We'll be waiting for your arrival. You will eat well, train well, rest well, and hang out and chill well.


-Thin Thin Kickin it with Topher Soon Him

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Perhaps Tonya and I can celebrate our birthdays together? Id like to meet her. she seems rad. we could all celebrate together and do something fun (you , me , meg, tonya, whoever else)


I heard Vancouver is pretty damn nice.


<3 big brother! cool I look foward to the donations. You know im gonna totally pay ya back in the gym (push ya hard to make new gains you'll get ur moneys worth, plus I will pay ya back the $$ too. hehe)

my car gets bout 23-27mpg I estimated. Im hoping I can make it. if I can get the $500 before Friday from donations or whatever else, then im leaving. but if I have to I will stay til friday.


Im working hard and smart. this is a big step in my life. I honestly feel like someone from the video "Pumping Iron". Im moving to train and live my life. this is so great.


we shall indeed eat, train, rest, and chill awesomely.

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word i would love to come but no cash on my part in my life right now. i was fired about 3 weeks ago for no reason. and i am just taking a break in my life for the first time. no skool, no work, no nothing.


wish i could come along with you and rip. plus i'm not terrible at snow boarding just can't front flip like i used too. lol

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sall good. no worries. another trip sometime




I have purchased a new oil filter and oil. I am gonna change the oil today. just gotta find a container to put old oil into.



I un-enrolled from the school today and they are sending the money back to the loan company. and I am sending my schoolbooks back to the school. I tried contacting the loan company but their phone is all automated messages, and their website is even confusing. So I sent them a letter with a check in the mail, explaining about my unenrollment and no more need for a loan, and that here is the $1000 dollar loan dispursement money back. hopefully it works and they dont fuck it up. I despise loan companies,....so confusing.


anyway, I somehow have an extra $200.00 in my bank account...it was supposed to be taken for car insurance...I am gonna go check cause if the insurance already took the money out and i have $200 left, i am taking that with me on the trip and i can leave wedensday.

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okay so my car insurance company processed my insurance a week back or whatever and I am covered for this month....yet they didnt take the $200.00 out of my bank account like they were supposed to. So I dont know.... that if I take out the $200.00 out of my bank account to take with me on the road if that will fuck anything up. I figured when I get to Oregon, I can cancel my insurance since Im gonna sell the car right away. beats me if I will be charged the $200.00 or if Geico already somehow counts it as being paid, and they just want to double up on my next paymeny (but I wont have a next payment since im cancelling insurance when i move) I think they already took the $200.00 they needed. all this is confusing as well. cause I want to make sure that $1,000 loan dispursement gets paid back to Sallie May loan company. and that Geico doesnt take out $200.00 from that $1,000.00. so i was thinking of leaving that $200.00 in there for a total of $1,200 just in case Geico decides to take out the money before Sallie Mae can cash the check.


mehhhh i hate finances. and i still have a $2,500 loan to pay back from college. when i flip the car on the market, money is going straight towards paying that off and to those who donated me money.



okay so im going to take the $200.00 out.... and as long as the sallie mae check dont get screwed up I could care less what happens with Geico, cause if they end up making me pay $200.00 end of this month again...whatever. i will take money from sellng the car and pay them.


mehh. okay off to the bank!

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haha thanks.


Oil Change done. pain in the ass. but its done.


I just have to finish packing up whatever im leaving behind (for memories) and put it all into bins to store. then put my stuff in the car tomorrow, test drive it and hope it runs smoothe enough, then im set to go.

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Im gonna pack the xtrackerx tomorrow with my stuff, and early early wednesday hit the road. I will call Rob every night to inform him of my progress and which State I am. I will also attempt to videotape here and there.


take care ya'll. after tomorrow, the next time yous will here from me will be in Oregon.

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It was ironic that when you called me I was just minutes from the Oregon border and while chatting about your trip I went over the bridge and read the sign, "Welcome to Oregon"


Have a great trip, keep me up to date on things and I'll make sure to get a garden hose ready, because after numerous days without showering we're going to spray you off before you come inside Or just stand out in the rain that I'm sure will be pouring down this time of year.


Catch you soon,


-Thin Thin Back in Oregon Him

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thanks ya'll.


I cleaned the xtrackerx's air filter. and the oil change I preformed makes the xtrackerx run at thousand less RPM's which is great! it will save me on gas and improve performance. and the idiling RPM speed is amazing, it was 2.3 rpm's, it is now about 0.4


$20.00 filled my gastank 7/8 full. I am gonna go load my things in right now, and come early morning Im out. Ive got directions printed out and I bought all my groceries and Im set.


Cant wait! this will be my last post online til I reach Oregon. Hope everything runs smoothely and I make it there in one piece with no breakdowns. take care ya'll.


(btw driving westwards....I will gain 3 hours....so essentially I feel like Pete and Pete, when they went back in time. hehe....anyway nobody probably understands that anology. but im out. cyas)



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