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Not all stress is bad... new office!


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I have work-related stress, but not all stress is bad!


Last week, I signed a lease on a new office for my massage practice! For the past year, I've been doing some contract work at day spas and corporate offices but otherwise been location-less and slowly depleting my savings in the process.... so I'm really excited about this new opportunity. The office is perfect - nice and quiet, spacious, easy to find and get on and off the freeway, and two big windows overlooking a garden center.


When I came back from vegan vacation, the plan was to get a job somewhere but each interview I went on just convinced me further that I really should stay in business for myself and forget about this silly employment idea. There was the place I will refer to as "McMassage" that wanted to pay me about half the going rate for my services. Then there was the interviewer who barely looked at me during the interview and spent the majority of his time staring at my application.. and interrupted most of my responses to his questions. Surely my skills and demeanor speak louder than a collection of vital statistics and a chronological listing of unrelated work experience? Yet, he missed the message. And then there was the place that seemed really awesome and I was about to go for it, until I realized the room they wanted me to work in was barely bigger than a closet, at which point I seriously reconsidered.


Ok, so that part of the stress sucked...


Now, the stress is relatively fun stuff like ordering new phone service, decorating my office, designing and ordering new business cards, designing and printing new gift certificates, and getting my marketing stuff in order. I also get to call and email my old clients who keep asking me if I have a new office yet and say "HECK YES I DO!"


So, I get the keys next Monday during the day, and my very first client appointment is next Monday evening. Yay!

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