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Body for Life program


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Hello Everyone,


Has anyone here done the Body for life program on vegetarian diet ? I am doing it at the moment, but nutrition wise, I am doing my own vegetarian style one...


I feel that I am not making enough progress as I don't seem to have a handle on the diet part of it. Any thoughts on this aspect ?



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I am very familiar with the Body For Life program


It would be challenging to do as a Vegan, but not impossible. Funny, I was just thinking about this the other day.


I only remember the food choices from the original program, so I don't know if he's added some.


The BFL principle is a carb and protein together every 2 - 3 hours for appx 6 small meals a day.


If you try to stick toward the grams of protein and carbs that are allotted in the BFL list and try to substitute them with comparable veggie protein sources, you would pretty much be adhering to the BFL principles.


So, when they recommend a chicken breast, you would substitute it with Soy Protein Powder, Hemp Protein Powder, Pea Protein, High Protein Tofu or something that has about 25 g protein per serving.


If you're trying it and not seeing results, try choosing the fruit carb choices for at least two of the meals. I remember that he has fruit choices on the program. Because the protein sources in a Vegan diet already have carbs, your results might be slower because your choosing more of the grains and the 6 servings a day plus the carbs in the Vegan Protein sources might be adding up to more than your burning off in a day, that's why I recommend subbing in the fruit for a couple of those meals.


Also, the BFL program never did put enough emphasis on veggies. I would try to get in at least 3 servings of leafy greens or green fibrous carbs a day.


One more note, when I did the BFL program, I always did a little more cardio than recommended and many of the challenge winners said they also did more than the 20 minute intervals as recommended in the program. If you really want to kick start your results, add a pm 20 minute session in addition to your morning intervals. I lost 12 pounds toward the beginning of the year by dividing up my cardio into an am and pm session


Hope these suggestions help you.

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I did the program around 10 years ago when I first started training, so it's been a long time, but I recally it did fairly well for me as a newcomer to lifting.


For the nutrition, I recall it was primarily portion-based - something like a portion of meat the size of your fist and the same for veggies 3x/day and some protein shakes in between. Maybe things have changed, I'm not sure, but that's how it was back then. Such a thing can easily be changed over to a vegan or vegetarian program - it'd be a lot of meat substitutes and probably fewer vegetables than you're used to (unless you don't eat many veggies!), but that'd be about the one big change. Simply swap out the meat in meals with tofu, tempeh, seitan or any other kind of meat substitute you like and that should do it. Of course, this again is based on what I remember from a long time ago, so I could be totally off after a decade

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I called the BFL office to ask them if they had a vegetarian substitute, but they didn't have any and its the same as before - based on portion size.


VegiePrincess. the idea about increasing the cardio from 20 min to 2X20 min sessions is great - something I have been thinking about because from all this eating, I am starting to gain weight for the first time in my life... perhaps good in the beginning as it may help me bulk up.


Thanks for your suggestions guys !! If you have any more insights or actual meal plans, they would be very useful.

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