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HSOrlandos 2013 Journal: Being vegan in a non vegan world

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I LOVE THE GYM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do my best to get there 6 times a week. Right now my routine consists of running on the treadmill, and taking group exercise classes. I used to just do free weights by myself but needed a change, that's why I started the classes. And I find that in taking the group classes I get a bit more cardio in my workout, than I would alone. So this is my current workout schedule.

Sunday:(Running on treadmill 20minutes)

I'm working on going longer, as I get better endurance.

(Step class 1 hour, and abs) then I walk home, I'm sharing a vehicle with 2 people so I walk alot

Monday: Running 20minutes

Muscle Toning,1 hour and abs, this class is pretty much weight training for the whole body

Tuesday: Muscle toning again, riight after work, no running

Wednesday: run 20min, Kickboxing 1 hour

Thursday run 20 min, latin cardio 1 hour a class that teaches latin dance moves at a cardio level

Friday: off

Saturday: Cardio Strength/ abs 1 hour

( a weight training class that has frequent cardio intervals to keep your heart rate up)

I'll talk about my eating habits another time.

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Todays's Tuesday so I'll try to remember what I've done this weekend.

And what I've eaten, maybe I shouldn't record that.


Saturday 29th Power walked to gym, Cardio Strength, there wasn't too much cardio in it because the substitute instructor thought the class was Muscle Toning. But it was a great workout, covered the entire body, and we got some cardio in doing lots of suicides, and inbetween squats. The trainer wanted us to be falling over on the suicides I guess. Then I walked home.


Sunday 30th Step class, also a substitute instructor, it was an ok workout but didn't sweat like I usually do.But the trainer was quite funny, I guess that has to count for something. the regular trainers for both classes were at a certification for Body Pump, can't wait for that class


Monday 1st Muscle toning 45minutes- Started with light weights, then medium, then heavy, I wasn't too sore afterwardsso I must finally be getting stronger. My light weights were for shoulders 5 pounds,I know that's light, mediums 7, and heavy 10. We then did abdominals, and stretched.Then I decided to run and managed 2 miles at 5.0 miles per hour. I think I prefer to run before my weight training, even though I've heard plenty of people say it's better to do cardio after.


Tuesday 2nd Ran 2miles before 1 hour Muscle Toning Class. Worked the shoulders hard, did lots of pushups, 60 to be exact, and worked my sore legs hard too. Also did abs in class.


As far as what I eat it is generally the same most of the time.


Breakfast: Oatmeal,the kind you have to cook for an hour, w/banana

Snack: nuts

Lunch:spinach salad- celery, tomato,greenpepper,cucumber,vegan chicken

Snack: fruit

Dinner brown rice, vegetable, vegan burger/ or steak strips, Taco Bell

Snack: cup of herbal tea/ or once a week a vegan chocolate chip cookie

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Wednesday October 3rd: Kickboxing 1 hour with abdominal training

Had different stations around gym that we did inbetween punches and kicks. It was a crazy workout, but lots of fun. Too hard to explain exaxctly what I did.But I will say that after two days of weight training my arms and legs were quite worn out by end of class.

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Thursday 4th - Took a Latin Cardio class, I tried to get tyo the gym early enough to run before it, but didn't make it. I suppose that was for the best, as my right knee was hurting a little. Yesterday in KB, I fell on a mat, and I gues I landed on my right knee. Of course I did this with no grace whatsoever, and right in front of the trainer. Tomorrow I'll take the day off from the gym, since I've gone 6 days in a row.


My meals have pretty much looked the same, as I'm broke and can't afford too much food. This is what I ate today


Breakfast:Oatmeal w/ cinnamon, and vegan margarine, and black coffee


lunch: sandwich whole grain organic bread, vegan deli slices, and cheese, with a thin layer of veganaiise


Snack can of mandarin oranges ( I'm upset about the sugar intake)

Dinner: 2 bean burritos

I'm about to sign off and have a cup of tea, and think about eating better tomorrow!

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Great workout today! Woke up, ate ,and walked to gym, I haven't measured the distance but I think it'slike half a mile, just enough to loosen me up.

Cardio Strength was today, but it was leaning a lot towards Body Pump, because the instructor just got certified for BP, and they're adding it to the schedule in 4 weeks. Anyway I will do my best to remember the workout, and the weights used.

5 minute warmup/stretching

Started with chest press on step 3 risers each side 30 lbs

clean and press 30 pounds I think it was about 3 sets of each exercise altenating between them, the reps were somewhere between 12-15

Jumping Jacks to increase cardio level

squats 30lbs and tricep dips holding bb using step 3 sets 12-15 reps alternating between these two exercises

more jumping

bicep curls 20 lbs 3 sets/ situps with 5 pound weight

more jumping

I also did more rows and overhead shoulder presses 2 or 3 sets of about 15 reps with the weight between 20 and 30 lbs.

Then we finished with lunges, more abs and stretching I think I did pretty good as the trainer said it looked like I went almost to failure. Then I walked home, slower than I walked there.

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Forgot to post what I ate today, I have to do better in this department too!


Breakfast: Oatmeal with Splenda and unsweetened silk soy milk


Snack nuts and diet soda with Splenda


Lunch: Nothing (I was going to have a salad but I ended up at my brothers apartment, babysitting until 6 pm, and he had no vegan food, all I had was iced tea)


Dinner: My usual 2 burritos from Taco Bell, and some fresh cantaloupe it was very good. Does anyone else like their cantaloupe with salt?


I was too tired to cook, and so was my Mom, our intentions were for a better meal. Watching two baby girls under the age of two is demanding work!


Snack: I may have something else to eat, or I may just have tea


I imagine my eating log is probably worse than everyone elses put together, so if you think you had a bad eating day read what I ate, and you'll soon feel better

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Robert, that would definitely be cool! But I don't think I could possibly keep up with you when it comes to the weight training! First of all I am of course female, and second I'm not quite a bodybuilder, perhaps one day. Let me know more, as your trip to Orlando gets closer I always have great workouts!!


Here's my workout schedule for this past week as far as I can remember:


Sunday: Step class afterwards I ran for two miles, there was a thunderstorm, quite common for Orlando, Florida, and the power went out, but the Y has a backup generator so all the cardio equipment still worked, but the stupid treadmill I happened to be on kept shutting off, this was not good as I was running on it. But at least I didn't go falling off of it! Ha Ha.


Monday: Muscle Toning: Ran for 2 miles before my weight training class

M.T. was also geared towards Body Pump, as 4 instructors are all getting

ready to teach it. I think I did good, but was tired after the class, maybe because it was very similar to my Saturday class, and focused on a lot of the same exercises, and muscle groups


Tuesday: Muscle Toning: I managed to get through the class, and felt pretty good about the weight I lifted. For medium weights used 8 and 10s, and low weights for the shoulders (overhead) I think were 5s.


Wednesday: Kickboxing I think K.B. may be my favorite workout right now, too bad this time slot will probably disappear as not enough people come. I get such a good overall workout, and great cardio in it, and my kicks and punches are getting better of course, so don't mess with me lol


Thursday: Today I was kind of tired but I try to never let that get the best of me. So after work I went to the Y and ran for 2 miles, and then took my latin cardio class. Tomorrow is my day off!


I actually have a question/inquiry that I will just post here, as it has to do with my workouts, and although no one ever posts,(I guess I'm not very interesting) I see that people have read my fitness endeavors. Anyway I have been working out with weights for quite a few years now, over 5. And I always used to be quite sore after a hard workout with weights,usually for a few days.But lately I'm not that sore. I mean I do feel my quads, or triceps, etc. if I do alot of exercises for that bodypart, but I don't have this I'm going to feel it for three days feeling. I don't believe I'm slacking off at all,I go to the gym 6 days a week.And was wondering if maybe this means that I'm just finally getting stronger, and in better shape. The trainer that suggested I start running to build my endurance asked me one day if I was feeling stronger from running? Could it be that running has made me stronger all over? I kind of know the answer, but mainly wanted input, especially from people that are also vegan/vegetarian. And I am also wondering if I should possibly start taking a protein powder?I've never felt the need before, but maybe it would help boost my workouts. Thanks for reading!

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Today I took a Cardio Strength class, and we used bb, and bands. I kept my weights as heavy as the trainers. Actually on the triceps,and bicep exercises I went heavier.And I kept my elbows near my sides too!! I only saw one other person with as much weight.


My eating has been pretty much the same as usual. I have no idea if I eat too much, or not enough. I just can't seem to lose any more weight. Right now the scale I use says I'm 144, but I tried another scale at a doctors office and that one had my weight 5 pounds less, that was a few months ago. I know muscle weighs more than fat, somaybe I'm just getting stronger. Well as long as I don't start going way upin weight I'll be ok.


Back to eating, for the last 36 hours.

Thursday: Dinner couscous, mixed vegetables, and vegan steak strips


Friday: Breakfast 2 pieces of organic whole grain bread w/ organic jam andlite layer of Earth Balance spread/ and black coffee

Snack: nuts


Early dinner(4pm) Taco Bell 1 taco with Beans and lettuce, and 1 burrito no cheese

Dinner (8pm) 1 burrito (I was still hungry)

Snack 1 vegan chocolate chip cookie


Saturday: Breakfast: 1 piece of bread w/jam and 1 banana/black coffee

Lunch spinach salad with vegan chicken and veganaisse ( I had apple, and nuts in my salad) I find that the veganaisse is a good substitute for Ranch dressing

Dinner Am planning on eating vegan sausages/unsweet applesauce,and mixed veggies

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Yesterday I took my usual Step Class, I was kind of out of it though, and messed up a few times, but I kept going, and kept my cardio level high. I also ran 2 miles before the class.


Today I did a shorter weight training class, because I was quite tired. This only happens about two days a month. The important thing is that I still worked out! I feel that I am finally getting stronger, I have no idea why it's taken so long, but at least I am finally over that hump. We did a lot of chest work, and quite a bit of legs too. I'm going to cut this post short as it's time for a night of useless tv watching of Chuck, Heroes, and Journeyman.

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I took Tuesday off, so that means I will most likely go workout on Friday instead.

Wednesday did Kickboxing,I absolutely love this class. But not enough people come so I don't think it's gonna make it, and the other KB class is at a time that I am not available. But as I've mentioned many times already Body Pump will be starting soon, and I've been told, and read about it too, that you get real strong real fast in this class. We'll see! So it looks like I will be updating my workouts in November, it's time for a change. Time to go to the gym!

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Well today I ran for two miles on Treadmill, and then took a dance class for an hour. My quads were quite tired from Kickbooxing, and the rest of my legs were also tired from K.B. and running, but I made it.


I do my best with eating, I don't eat any processed white flour foods, and watch my bread intake, but I probably could do a lot better in the eating department.


Tomorrow I will possiibly do triceps, biceps, and abs using free weights, but this may change.

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Do you want to train together in Orlando? I'll be there longer than I thought. I'll be in town Thursday-Sunday this week and only working all day on Saturday.


I'll be looking to train and I think it would be fun to get out there and train together.


See you this weekend! Great training log so far. We're starting to focus more on training again on the forum which I know is of great interest of yours.

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Yeah, I'd love the opportunity to train with you. When would you want to workout? You can come to the local Y for free as my guest, or maybe the hotel that you're staying at might have a weight room? Just let me know! If you need to get directions somewhere in Orlando, I'm great with directions, and might be able to help you navigate your way around.


Anyway back to my workout. After work, it's only part time hours, I decided to get some weight training in. And I also got a bit of cardio too.

Cardio: 2 miles running on treadmill @ 5.0 mph

All the exercises were for three sets.

Bicep curls (standing) 20 pounds 12 reps

Shoulders: overhead press (seated) 20lbs 12 reps

Triceps: kickbacks 12 reps 20lbs

Biceps: hammer curls 12 reps (seated) 20lbs

Shoulders lateral raises (seated) 16lbs 12 reps

Triceps pushdowns with rope 12 reps ( think the weight was about 30lbs)

Biceps curls (standing) with arms further apart 12 reps 20lbs

triceps dips using bench 12 reps

shoulders (standing) lateral raise arms bent 90 degrees 12 reps 16 lbs

biceps (seated) curls slower half motion 20 lbs 12 reps

triceps skull crushers 20 lbs 10, 8, 6

shoulders overhead press (standing) 20lbs, 16 lbs

abs 25 crunches, 50 oblique crunches, 25 reverse crunches


I'm tired, so I'm calling it a night!

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I obviously did not go heavy enough on the weights, because I am not at all sore! Today I took Cardio Strength, and of course worked my biceps, triceps, and shoulders a lot. I used 12 lbs for heavy, and 7 for light, but I only used those for triceps. I constantly look at my form in the mirror, so I don't think I'm slacking in that department.


Yesterday before I left the Y I was looking at some registration forms for a 5k in December. I almost got away, but the trainer that's organizing it caught me. So now I will probably do the race. I already run two miles, so it's only like 1 more mile that I need to get used to running. I'm not looking to beat anyone in the 5k, but I also don't want to be the slowest person. I'm also not used to running outside, I live in Florida, and it's too hot, at least until December. I haven't been posting what I eat because right now everyday is pretty much the same. Except today I will be eating a piece of my vegan birthday cake from Whole Foods, and possibly some soy icecream. Yum!!

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Today I finally talked my Mom into coming back to the gym. She has a membership, but wasn't inspired enough to come. I am glad that she is finally ready to get back to exercising.


I was not able to run before Step, because we had to return my vegan birthday cake to Whole Foods. It tasted stale! That's what I get for waiting for it all week!! Anyway tonight I will have a cookie instead. Step class was good but today it was quite advanced, I'm surprised the trainer didn't scare any beginners away. I am still not sore from weight training on Friday,or Saturday. That's it for today!

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Every week is pretty much the same for me at the gym right now. This is the schedule as of now, but will change sometime in November.

Sunday: Step Class

Monday: Muscle Toning (did this today)

Tuesday: Muscle Toning

Wednesday: Kickboxing

Thursday:Latin Cardio

Friday: off/ or if I skip another day will do weight training with free weights

Saturday: Cardio Strength

And at least 3 days a week I run on a treadmill, I am gradually increasing the length of time I run. I am planning on a 5k run in December, so I have that to get ready for. I know that's not very far, but it's a start.


This week my schedule will be somewhat changed, as I'm helping Robert at the Central Florida Veg Fest, so I will skip my normal routine on Saturday, but I may have the opportunity to train with Robert, so that will make up for Saturdays missed workout. I also wish to add that I've only been a member on this forum a short time, and I think it's wonderful that I'm already meeting people from vegan bodybuilding & fitness.

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OK my workout schedule has been changed quite a bit this week!

Tuesday I took off.

Wednesday I did Kickboxing,then the same instructor was teaching a half hour abdominal class so I took that too.

Today I wasn't sure what I'd be doing. But I found out a friend was substituting for a Step class, and I hadn't seen her in a while so I went to lend some moral support, then right after I took my usual Latin Cardio class, and I am definitely feeling the legs. I got to the gym right when she was introducing herself to one of my favorite trainers, so I didn't want to take up any of her time before class. Anyway I'm going to eat, and watch tv, relax a bit, and then psych myself up for my workout tomorrow.

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  • 5 weeks later...

Alright, I can finally post again! I didn't think I'd miss veganbodybuilding so much, but it's definitely been a long few days. I'm missing workouts posted for about a month, but if it's possible I know they'll be retrieved. This week has been pretty good for working out, even though I took 2 days off for Thanksgiving. I'll try to remember what I did.

Sunday: Step class(cardio), and Body Pump(barbell strength training)

Monday: BodyPump( I upped my weight for squats, and I think it impressed the trainer)

Tuesday: Muscle Toning (we used 3 sets of weights, I primarily used my heavy weights the entire time)I was a bit out of it because I missed my mid afternoon snack

After MT I met the running instructor and ran for 2.5 miles.

Wednesday: BodyPump

Thursday Thanksgiving my workout was eating some vegan hazelnut cranberry roast, vegan sourdough sage bread stuffing, and lots of other food. Got tons of leftovers still.

Friday: Took an extra day off, it's been a while since I took 2 days off in a row

Saturday: (Cardio Strength) We used a barbell for squats 30 lbs, and biceps 20lbs,light and mid weights for triceps, shoulders, walking lunges

with hammer curls, pushups, dips, and abs and stretching. Since I only ran once this week so far I had to run today, so I ran for 2.5 miles again. If I run on Monday at least I'll have run three times at 2.5 miles, then on Tueasday I'm going to run 3 miles, then I've got approximately 4 weeks until the 5k to work on speed.Well I'm hungry so I'd better get going!

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On Sunday I had to go to my nieces birthday party. She turned 2 years old on the 13th, but my brothers ex had his 2 daughters with her in Texas, which meant he missed his daughters birthday. So we decided to have another small party for her on Sunday. I managed to get to my Step class, but wasn't feeling too great, so it's just as well that I couldn't stay for BodyPump.

Today I took a BodyPump class. I upped the weights for my deadlifts, deadrows, and clean and presses. I'm also getting less tired on the chest presses, so next BodyPump class I will probably move that weight up too.


Right now this is what my barbell looks like. I use 15 lbs to warm up. then for squats I use 35lbs, chest 25lbs, with a drop weight of 2.5 pounds on each side. Back is up to 25lbs, triceps are 15lbs, but will probably go up in the next few classes, biceps are 20lbs. Lunges I hold 2 five pound weights for the barbell, my hands are a bit small so I can't easily hold anything bigger because my thumb gets sore. For shoulders we start with holding 2 weights for lateral raises, then use the barbell for shoulder presses, these are both 5 pounds each side, but the shoulder presses will go up soon. I know this all looks pretty light, but the barbell also adds about 4 lbs. Then after I'm done with the barbell there's abs, and stretching.

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I suppose it would be a good idea for me to be more accountable with what I eat, so I will start a food journal too. For now I will just leave it on this blog. I am not a nutritional expert, but I do my best to eat lots of salads, fruit, nuts, vegetables, beans, some soy products, and whole grain products. I also try to stay away from white processed foods. At this point in time, I don't have a lot of extra money, but I still do my best. I'm not very good at counting calories, protein, fats, etc. but I guess I will get better. I also have a habit of skipping, (not on purpose) lunch, or a snack before I workout. so I hope this journal will keep me in line.


9:00am oatmeal w/ 2 splenda packets, and 1/2 tbls Earth Balance margarine; small banana;and a cup of black coffee


2pm Someone was supposed to drop off my lunch, but they got too busy


3pm: small banana, and 1/2 of a clif bar and a small water


6pm: leftover vegan roast, stuffing,& potato (I used Earth Balance on my potato


9pm: ate a piece of vegan pumpkin pie w/ a bit of vanilla soy ice cream


I'm pretty much cleaning out the fridge of the leftovers from Thanksgiving, and I don't generally have too many foods on hand, but I can see that I need to do a lot better. I drank a lot of water at the gym, but not sure how much, and I guess the Earth Balance was my fat for today.I know it wasn't exactly a good source of fat, but oh well. I'm not sure how much protein was in the food that I ate today.

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Had a good workout, even though I didn't eat lunch. At Muscle Toning I used 5, & 8 lb weights, and a barbell with 2 ten lb weights. I think we started with arms, then legs, back, and then chest. There were rows, deadlifts, clean and presses, skullcrushers, narrow, and wide bicep curls, lunges, squats, abs. There were some different stations around the gym, one was running through cones, and another was jumping over hurdles, we also did jumping jacks, and used the step for some basic moves. Then after the class I ran outside for 3 miles. This is the first time I've gone that far running outside, and I was beat, especially since I was already tired from my weight training class.

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Yesterday I had an off day at the gym which sucked. This doesn't happen very often, but I just felt zapped of energy. I thought I'd be fine running 3 miles again, but I was so beat I stopped at 1.5, I push myself a lot, but I felt that I should stop so I did. I did do a BodyPump class, but it wasn't my best class. Oh well I guess everyone has off days! On a side note I did walk over a mile on Wednesday too. I think it might be stress from having to move. I love living in Downtown, Orlando, but due to various things going on, I will be getting a 3 bedroom apartment with my brother, his 2 daughters, and my Mom. The reasons vary, my brothers getting a divorce, and his 2 very young daughters need some stability and to feel safe, and for financial reasons too. But the apartment is pretty big, and I have first dibs on the master bedroom so that's cool. My brothers just not the neatest person, so I'll have to teach him lol. I think the move will be hardest on my cat, he has so many friends where we live now, and he seems to rule this block. Anyway back to my eating journal, which I'm not paying enough attention to.


B: Oatmeal w/ artificial sweetener, and black coffee

L: Vegan chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat bread (had lots of sprouts,and leafy lettuce, and tomato on it) 2 vegan lemon cookies


D:chik patty,rest of vegan stuffing and potatoes,and a small bit of cranberry relish which is too sweet for me

I have not had the time to count calories etc, but when things calm down I will do better! I think I consumed about 50 ounces of water.

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6 am: woke up this early because my brother gets off 3rd shift at 6 and I was supposed to go to the leasing office to add my income for the 3rd bedroom apartment. But he forgot!

7am cinnamon raisin bagel w/margarine, coffee

9am:banana and another cup of coffee

12pm:Amy's Enchilada meal w/ spanish rice&beans

4:30:had a smoothie at the gym

6:15pm 2 vegan burgers& brown rice

Protein:about 50 I'd guess

Calories:between 1,200 and 1,500

Water: at least 50 ounces

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