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HSOrlandos 2013 Journal: Being vegan in a non vegan world

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9am- Cinnamon raisin bagel w/ vegan cream cheese, coffee, small vegan breakfast burrito

1pm- hummus, celery, vegan turkey sandwich on ww bread w/ veganaisse


430pm- spinning class 45 minutes

630pm- Zumba dance class

815pm- Amy's Quarter pounder, italian beans, tomato

930pm- cereal w/ rice milk

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930am- coffee, half berry almond luna bar

10- half an oatmeal bar w/ raisins, apple oats, and other fruit and nuts, very filling, coffee

1pm- Amys pot pie (vegan)


missed Step class because of a big accident on freeway

630- Body Pump- talked my mom into doing the class too, I have a feeling she won't like me much tomorrrow, lol.

745pm- Taco Bell

10pm- cereal

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9am- blueberry oatmeal scone, coffee, small breakfast wrap w/ tofu

12pm- went for a noon run!!!!! Yikes, it was a hot one too!!! I lasted almost 40 minutes I believe, and think it was about 3 miles, haven't mapped it yet.

2pm- pasta w/ marinara sauce and black olives

9pm- vegan hotdog, black beans, tomato

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845am- Run! It was a good one too. I'm not sure about the timing, but I felt good, and ran a bit more than a 5K distance.

930am- coffee, banana, Barbara's strawberry bar (used to be Natures Choice, but Barbara's bought them and now the bars are half the size)

1pm- Amy's Enchilada meal (vegan)

7pm- Amy's vegan pasta meal (watching some kids for a friend and she bought me a microwaveable meal, and of course it was pasta!)

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Ok, my last post wasn't very well thought out, and it was longwinded too! In a nutshell my post was about losing that last 10 pounds, and how hard it is. I can't help it I am accustomed to eating food, and like to eat food. So that is a problem right there. I hope to add Vega back into my diet on a more consistent basis. I always falter with dropping the last 10 pounds because I know it lies in my nutritional intake.

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Took 2 classes today, and had a major fight/argument with my brother. I think I will post about my amazing workout, and my food intake.

745- coffee, banana, Barbara's vegan strawberry bar

1230pm- banana

1pm- Step class burned lots of calories!

2pm- chocolate macadamia luna bar

3pm- Body Pump- increased the squat track to a 50 lb barbell, and yes I did hit my head getting it off my back and to the ground. Felt pretty strong, increased my back weight by 5 pounds, and almost got through the chest track without going to failure

Rest of the class was pretty much the same, except when I got to abs. When we got on our mats on the floor I got a serious cramp in my left side. But after a minute or so I relaxed, and I was able to finish the class. That has never happened to me before in a class. It was a weird feeling.

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No weight training today but just moved a heavy ( ) table!


430 pm-Spin class was absolutely brutal! There was one point where we had a very high level of resistance about an 8, and had to go all out for 10 seconds, then recover 45 seconds, and repeat 10 times. Another part of the class we had about a level 6 resistance, and had to keep increasing our intensity on the bike for up to 2 minutes. My legs didn't want to go down steps after that class. And it was 45 minutes long.


Breakfast at Drunken Monkey 9am- coffee, raisin bagel w/ vegan cream cheese, small muffin

Lunch- 330pm- vegan hotdog, black beans

Dinner- Amy's Quarter pounder, rice, tomato

Snack- toast and tea

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845am- ran for 2 miles- Not an easy run because my legs felt like they were running through mud. I think for now on I will try to run on Monday mornings, instead of Tuesday mornings, because spinning just exhausts my legs.

930am- berry almond luna bar, banana, coffee

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Wednesday- Birthday= No Gym!


915am- 20 minutes on precor back was hurting a bit, but it was better when I finished

10am- bagel w/ small amount of vegan cream cheese, coffee

11am- run- got lost and turned around running around a lake, but went further than i originally thought i would so that was good

2- burritos

Later today- training with Robert at a gym that i've never set foot in, adventure time!

Trained with Robert at gym! It was fun, did tons of rows, shoulder presses, lateral raises, some deadlifts, etc. I was a bit worried about my back because it was still hurting a tiny bit. But I started very very very light, and worked my way up. Back felt fine, got up to 60 pounds on lat pulldown, could have done more but didn't want to push it. 50 pounds on seated cable rows. Fun times!!!!!!!

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Was on my feet all day at Veg Fest! So my feet were aching by 6pm, so what does Robert decide to train, legs! Well I was not sure I would be ablet to compete with him on the leg press but I think I held my own! These are an estimated guess at the reps.

warmed up with stationary lunges, alternate lunges, lunging backwards

set 1- 90 lbs 20 reps

2- 180 lbs 15 reps

3- 270 8 reps

4-360 6 reps

5- 450 lbs 1 1/2 reps

took a break while RC continued on up to 630 lbs or so for quite a few more sets,then I joined him again at- did some lunges, squat

450 lbs for 3 reps

360 lbs 6 reps

270- 8 reps

180 12

90 15 reps

then I did more lunges, squats, leg extension, prone leg curls, etc.

I won't be able to walk tomorrow!


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Obviously we were a bit hungry after the leg workout so we stopped at Garden cafe, and asian vegetarian/ vegan restaurant.

Robert ordered a ton of food as he should! I got won ton soup, and sweet and sour chicken w/ brown rice, all vegan of course.

I brought half of it home!

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Tuesday 10/26 Step, and Body Pump- special guest Robert Cheeke!

Step is not Roberts forte!!!!!!

Body Pump proved harder than thought for one vegan bodybuilder, lol

I thought the class was easy, but I've taken it a lot and wasn't trying to lift too much weight!


Wednesday- 10/27- Grey Hound travel= not fun! walked to hotel carrying my heavy carryon about a mile I think felt like 5. Walked to bus stops to get to St. Ppete Times Forum which ironically is not in St. Pete its in Tampa!


Thursday- all dressed up for orchestra, but had to walk to theater because trolley sytem didn't run that early. Walking in heels for any distance wreaks havoc on my feet.

After concert got trolley to hotel- then changed shoes, and with new blisters and hurting feet walked some more with my mom to explore the area. FYI St. Pete is not very clean, and stinks!!!!!!


Friday-More walking at beach, then a bit in Downtown St. Pete before going to Grey Hound


Saturday- I don't think I did anything today!


Sunday Step and Body Pump felt great until I was doing a move in Step that hurt my back, the right side lower down this time near lats. last time it was on left side more in the rhomboid area. Got through Body Pump, but was definitely feeling it in the back by the end.


Monday- Went to Universal- lots of walking which I thought might stretch out my back. Big mistake going to universal today- see other blog.

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Tuesday- Step class only due to my sore back. About halfway through class thought my back was a lot better, and today it isn't dore so I guess i worked it out in Step.


Wednesday- very short run because of stomach cramps- I really didn't feel like running, but it felt great once I hit the pavement.

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I have been super busy! But i am still getting in quite a few good workouts every week. So I am not slacking.

This week I have done 2 Step classes, and 2 Body Pump classes, and run once. I also walk every day!

Last week I pretty much did the same except also took a Zumba class, but I don't remember running at all.

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I was all set to do an extra class today, because I won't be able to get to the gym over the weekend. I am hoping to check out the gyms on the college campus when I'm there. At least the athletic department seems pretty good. There are a lot of weight rooms, pools, basketball court, soccer baseball, and other fields, a rock climbing wall, etc. Oh and there are also quite a few running trails. Should be an absolutely beautiful place to run along the bluffs of the Mississippi river. The only thing missing is an ice hockey rink! Maybe I will get a run in this weekend.

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Had some decent workouts this week.

Sunday- Step, and Body Pump

Monday- spinning

Tuesday- Step

Wednesday- Run 3 miles?, weights-2 sets 8 reps

lunges w/ 20lb db

chest press- 15lb

one arm rows- 15lb

bicep curls 10lb

tricep skull crushers- 10lb db


leg press 180lbs

chest flys- 12lb db

back cable row- 40lb

bicep hammer curls 10lb

tricep pushdowns 30lb

lareal raises- 8 lb

roman chair- 30 leg raises


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Had a really good workout week, best one in a while. Here's a summary of everything I did this week.

Sunday- Step 55minutes, Body Pump 55minutes

Monday- spinning 45 minutes 9 very intense)

Tuesday- Step

Wednesday- run (3miles), weights 1 hour 2 sets 8-12 reps most sets

lunges, bench press, one arm rows, bicep curls, skullcrushers, shoulder raises (seated)

leg press 180lbs (too easy), pec flys, bicep hammer curls, tricep rope pushdown, lateral raises, roman chair leg lifts at various angles, stretching, the end!

Thursday-rest day

Friday- run 3 miles, weights 1 hour full body resistance machines 3 sets 8 reps, walk 1 mile

Saturday- Zumba 55 minutes

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Sunday was a great day for workouts as is every day! As usual I took my Step, and Body Pump classes. Step was quite interesting because of the instructor forgetting half the workout at the end. I think the left side was the lead for three times to the right only being the lead for one. Oh well as long as you're moving it doesn't matter if you feel one side was left out ha ha.


Body Pump must be getting easier, at least parts of it. The squat track was tough, but I managed to get deeper than I usually do, and not fall over in the process. And lifting it over my head at the end of the five minute track was better because I didn't bump my head as much as usual.

The chest track beat me though! Triceps were pretty brutal too. Biceps I actually felt were easier so maybe I am finally after years of trying, getting stronger guns. My glutes will never be tha same after the lunge track, it was all the bottom halves that we did. For those that have no idea what a bottom half is, its where at the bottom of your movement you only go half way up multiple times. At one time we thought there were 16 bottom halves, but luckily it was only 8. Anyway then we finished out with shoulders, abs, and stretching.

Shoulders were hard but I like the recent track because there aren't too many barbell shoulder presses, this is just a move that I am not good at. There were tons of lateral raises, and mac raises which is one arm in a front raise, and one arm in a lateral raise at the same time. Abs weren't too bad, but the end movement where you are in a plank position and then you walk you feet out and back, and then your arms is not a favorite, then I stretched.

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Monday- Ran about 3.5 miles. It was a good run although I walked for bits of it.

Tuesday- walk to YMCA 3/4 mile, Step @ 5:30pm/ Body Pump @ 6:30pm

That was one heck of a workout! I must have been working extra hard in Body Pump because I was sweating like crazy. I even went 5 pounds lighter for squats because my legs were beat from Step. Anyway had an amazing exercise night, and felt good after it was over.

Wednesday: Rest day- got lots to do today and tomorrow so today no gym

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I feel so out of shape! I just got back from visiting relatives up North and I froze. So I did not go out and run as I had planned, neither did I walk to the gym. I could barely manage to stay on my vegan diet, but prevailed somehow. All I can say is that not going to the gym for over a week is torture! I can't wait for tomorrow, and will make sure I have a kick butt workout!

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