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HSOrlandos 2013 Journal: Being vegan in a non vegan world

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Body Pump on Friday was a new release. I didn't care for any of the new tracks though. Some BP releases are great and some terrible, there doesn't seem to be any middle ground.

Saturday- A little sore in upper body- Zumba dance class was fun even though everyone except the instructor looked like a fool.

Sunday- no workout, earning money instead

Monday- no workout

Tuesday- Step 530pm

Body Pump 630pm

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With the hecticness of the holiday season I am not getting in my workouts. I am getting in a few but not nearly what I need. At least I have not been consuming tons of junk food, otherwise I probably would have gained 5 or more pounds. Looking forward to everything getting back to normal, and exercising like crazy!

Tuesday December 14- Step class 55 minutes

saturday Dec 18- Zumba

lots of walking done this week too

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Awesome, Awesome, Awesome workout last night! Did Step, and Body Pump back to back, with my favorite instructor and friend. Was tired after a hard Step class, but made myself get a barbell, plates, and extra risers for Body Pump. Started with 10 pounds each side for warmup, then 25 each side for squats. This nearly did me in because it was the newest release for squats and was HARD. Anyway it was very apparent that I was sweating and working hard, so thats good, wouldn't want anyone to think the vegan was slacking. Upper body is sore today mostly around upper back, and chest.

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Workout goals for next year!

Run more, and do some races

take some boxing lessons, or karate

run further and longer- possibly a 15k, or half marathon

lose rest of weight, about 10-15 pounds

lower my body fat percentage

use a rock climbing wall

keep taking Step, and Body Pump classes

get Ceus for my AFAA group ex certification/ lost my pt cert last October

weight train more with free weights

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Mini workout yesterday! Approx 90 minutes

Run/walk- have not run in a while so easing back into it, need the calorie burn!


3 sets/ 8 reps leg press 180lbs- just left what was already on there

3 sets/ 8 reps chest press 20lb free weights

3sets / 8 reps dead lifts 20lb free weights

3 sets/8reps- standing bicep curls 12lb free weights

3 sets/8reps- skullcrushers 12lb free weights

3sets/8reps- seated shoulder presses 10lb free weights

abs on pilates ball- about 60 of various sorts

stretch while I walked around

cool down walk almost a mile

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Thanks for dropping by!


For whatever reason I have been really tired this week. I feel fine though, just warn out, so have not gotten to the gym that much. But I just created an exercise schedule for myself that I intend on keeping. This is what it looks like, it is pretty similar to what I have been doing but now it is written down and I will look at it everyday, and feel extremely guilty if I slack. LOL.


Sunday- 1pm Step, 3pm Body Pump

Monday- AM run, 430pm- spinning class

Tuesday- 530pm Step, 630pm Body Pump

Wednesday- AM run

Thursday- Rest Day

Friday- AM Run and weights

Saturday- Zumba or beginning Yoga class 930 am

I have to keep this schedule up for the next 8 weeks or so before the vegan cruise, and I also have to focus more on what I eat.

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No I said that "particular" class was easier than usual for me. By no means is Body Pump an easy class! Most Body Pump classes I usually am so worn out by the end that I feel like I can't move a muscle. My muscles catch up to this feeling the next day or so!


Since I have not posted I haven't really been working out, obviously.

Thursday 1/6/11- run, and weights

ran about 3 miles I think. It was a nice brisk day and felt good although my breathing was kind of off during my run, not sure why. The day was kind of misty, and it had rained earlier before i ran, maybe that had something to do with it.

After I got back I trained about an hour- back and biceps 3 sets 8 reps. Did cable rows, bicep curls, pulldowns, hammer curls, assisted pull ups, and wide bicep curls, ended with abs w/ 6lb medicine ball and stretching

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No More Excuses! Going to gym tonight. Step and possibly staying for Body Pump. If I don't stay for Body pump I will be back at gym in morning and run and then do weights. Feel like my eating is back under control too. Didn't work out yesterday because of female reasons. Anyway today is a new day and I feel great. And I will get even more motivation tonight when I watch The Biggest Loser. Bob Harper is cool!

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Although I was very tired and not up to it I did go to Step. Because of the way I felt it was a very hard workout, but a good one. I listened to my body though and decided to skip Body Pump.

Tomorrow morning I will go for a run, and do some weights. I'm thinking maybe triceps, shoulder and chest.

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25 minute hill climb on Precor machine, too cold outside, it was in the 50s, lol. I am having a hard week exercising, I just feel sooooo tired!

Weights were divided between chest, triceps, and shoulders.

Bench press- 3 sets 15 reps 15lb free weights,

skull crushers- 3 sets, 15 reps, 15lb fw

lateral raises- 3 sets, 15 reps, 10 lb fw

pec flys- 3 sets 15 reps, 10lb fw

tricep kickbacks- 3 sets 15 r, 10lb fw

front raises- 3 sets, 15 reps, 10lb

isolateral chest press hammer strength 3 sets about 15reps felt heavy with just 2 10lb plates added

tricep overhead extensions 3 sets 15 reps 1 10 lb free weight

shoulder press- 12 reps, 10 reps, 8 reps, 10lb free weights

quick stretch, walked outside to meet my mom (20 minutes)

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I'm not going to do this every day but I will occasionally post what I eat.


Breakfast 9am- vegan breakfast wrap, pumpkin scone, really good coffee

Snack after workout 12pm- banana

Lunch 230- Dr. Mcdougal vegan soup tortilla something

Dinner 830pm- Gardein Santa Fe chicken meal, italian beans, brown rice, used some braggs amino acids on it, Steaz drink

snack- am about to go get a bowl of cereal Special K cinnamon pecan, yes its vegan, with rice milk

herbal tea- orange flavor

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Today I took a one hour beginners yoga class. I also survived all the weird positions! It was a very basic class, which was good. Most of the positions were downward dogs, various warrior poses, cat, dolphin, and pigeon poses. Like I said pretty simple, but I got a good stretch going in my quads. Not about to mention my diet, I am not happy with my weight!

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I finally managed to get a picture up. BTW I am not spiderman, lol!


Today I got back at it at the gym! Yeah!!!! I did my Step workout for cardio, and then an hour later I did a Body Pump class. I didn't realize that the yoga yesterday worked my deltoids so much until I tried lifting the barbell overhead. I guess it was the downward dogs, and all the stretching and reaching in yoga that got my shoulders.

Body Pump was very good/hard. I was pleased that I could still do squats with a 50lb barbell, for like over five minutes. I almost got through the chest track without going to failure, almost! The back and shoulder tracks were probably the most excruciating for me. The clean and presses, and overhead shoulder presses were brutal! That about sums up my workout today. I am still not happy with what the scale says I weigh, but I am hoping that some of it might be added muscle from the past month of lifting more weight. But I don't know if I did enough workouts for that to be the case. Tomorrow I am running in the morning, and if I can I will go back to the gym in the afternoon for a spinning class.

Breakfast 8am- smoothie with berries, bananas, smoothie infusion, orange juice

Snack 12pm- cinnamon oatmeal squares/water- at gym before Step

snack 2pm- banana, oatmeal squares, water- at gym betweeen workouts

Late lunch- 430pm- 2 burritos

will probably have cereal, or toast and tea

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Ran on a treadmill because I didn't want to dodge the lightning bolts outside!!

At about 845 am I got to the Y and after 15 minutes found an unused unbroken and semi clean treadmill! I know I was asking for a lot! Anyway the workout was purely boring, but I did have a little sweat going by the end. I managed 20 minutes before I was so uninterested in the workout that I had to end it.

820am- banana

930am- free coffee at the Y don't ask how it tasted it was free!, and also ate a lemon zest luna bar

11am- coffee that was actually drinkable

(didn't get a chance to eat lunch)

2pm- banana

445pm- handful of nuts

about to have a Gardein chicken cutlet, italian beans, and brown rice

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I think I hit a new level in my workout last night. Or at least I am back at a very high intensity during my workouts. Lets just say the endorphins from exercising felt great, and my muscles felt like jelly by the end.

Rest day today, tomorrow will probably be running and the weight room.

Breakfast-8am- smoothie- bananas, berries, orange juice, water, smoothie infusion

9am- coffee, Clif bar- mint chocolate

230pm- black bean soup Dr. Mcdougall brand, water

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Went to the gym after I ate a vegan scone, and cup of coffee. I know, not the best choice etc, etc, etc!

Run was around 3.5 miles I think and took me about 45 minutes I'm guessing.

Rested for 15 minutes, and then got to the weights, which were 3 sets 8 reps each except the last exercise.

pulldowns- 60lbs

tricep press down- 30lbs

seated cable row- 50lbs

tricep kickbacks- 12lb db

dead lifts- 20lb db

dips- bodyweight off bench

deadrows- 20lb db, switched to barbell because dumbbells were too clunky

tricep press12lb db, 10 reps each set


After that I used the Roman Chair and did about 50 assorted leg lifts

After my workout I walked about a mile to meet my mom.

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Friday- rest day

Saturday- Zumba- My mom made me stand in the front row! I feel bad for the people in the back looking at me thinking that just because I was in the front row it meant I knew what I was doing. Because I didn't, but I could see the instructor and got more of the moves. But every time he came over in my direction I messed up. I will continue to stand in the front rowfor Zumba because it felt more fun, and I did work harder.


Sunday- No news here I did Step, and Body Pump as usual. My mom and I made the mistake of weighing ourselves because it said we gained again. I feel so much better though, and more fit and toned than I did when the scale said I was significantly less. Maybe it is all stress, I'm just going to stop weighing myself, and go by my progress at the gym, and the way my clothes fit. The scale is evil anyway!

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