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HSOrlandos 2013 Journal: Being vegan in a non vegan world

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OMG!!!! I am so sore today. Went to the gym this morning with my mom and was seriously thinking of just skipping my workout, but did not! After I had a vegan raspberry bar, and some free coffee w/ my soy creamer I went for a run. It was very short, and my abs were very sore while running. It was probably around 2 miles, maybe a bit less. My upper legs, inner thighs are not happy when I walk, I think it was all the lunges that did it.

Later today I am going to Whole Foods, and I am going on a strict diet for the next 2 weeks, I will basically be low carb just to get all the excess sugar out of my system. This should be very interesting because I never have time to make salads, and don't like the kitchen. The only problem I can see is that my energy level will be down because I won't be fueling myself with carbs except for vegetables, it will mostly be protein. I am so happy to be at the gym again, and to be back on track with my workouts. I don't want to have to make them less intense.

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Breakfast: 845am- vegan bacon strips, and some almond milk

945am- silk soy yogurt- vanilla, coffee

1pm- vegan chicken patty, hummus, celery, coffee- to stay warm,



530pm- Step

630pm- Body Pump- will probably use lighter weight depending on how much energy I have

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3rd day of a relatively low carb diet for the next 2 weeks. This is what I've been eating/drinking.


Day 1 Monday- 1 1/2 raspberry bars- before I went shopping, Yves burger, hummus, celery, water, 1 1/2 vegan hotdogs, black beans

Day 2 Tuesday- soy yogurt- vanilla, almond milk- unsweet, coffee/ w soy creamer, vegan bacon, celery, hummus, vegan chicken patties, yogurt- vanilla, Gardein chicken meal, herbal tea

Day 3 Wednesday- tofu scrambles w/ vegan cheese and curry powder, coffee, almond milk chocolate, celery, hummus, vegan bacon, water, Gardein chicken cutlets, italian beans, tomato, herbal tea



Forgot to post workout! Went for a very short run, not quite 2 miles, but did try to run faster for parts of it.

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Saturday- Zumba dance class


Sunday- Step, and Body Pump. After Step I was practically falling asleep waiting for Body Pump to start. It was my 7th day on a relatively low carb diet, and apparently it was showing. The instructor/friend wasn't too thrilled to hear about my diet being low carbs, but that didn't stop me from taking 2 classes in one day.

Monday- I am going to a spinning class, and hope I don't fall off my bike! I feel like I'm eating a lot, but not having the carbs is making me have less energy too. Can't wait for this week to be over! Then I can eat carbs again, yeah!

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Spin class was great, and I didn't fall off my bike! But the bike wasn't set up right by me, and the knobs wouldn't tighten completely so the handle bars were a bit further away than I wanted.


Tonight is Step, and Body Pump. I am a bit upset about what the stupid scale says I weigh. It has me up almost ten pounds from 2 months ago. I feel lighter though, more toned, and my clothes fit better, and I'm stronger.People also say that I'm losing. I know I can't possibly have gained that amount of muscle just doing Body Pump, and a few free weight workouts. I have been averaging 6-8 workouts a week, mostly cardio, and I've limited the processed stuff so I'm a little confused. I think I will get my body fat done, and just stay away from the scale.

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The practically no carb diet has finally bitten the dust. My mom and I weighed ourselves yesterday, and it was not a good omen. Anyway we decided to not use a scale in the future because it is too damn depressing. But rather go by what our bodies look like, our activity at the gym, and how we feel overall.

I skipped Body Pump last night because I was literally about to fall over. So I ended up at Ethos Vegan Kitchen and shared a big mock chicken salad with my mom.


Today I ran maybe about 2 miles or so, ate, then tackled the weights. I did 3 mini circuits, 3 sets each.

Bicep curls 30lb barbell 10 reps

tricep skull crushers- 30 lb barbell 10 reps

shouder press 10 lb dumbbells 8 reps


bicep concentration curls- 10lb free weights 10 reps

tricep kickbacks- 10lb free weights

front raises (shoulders)- 10lb db


bicep hammer curls on stability ball- 10lb db

tricep press on stability ball- 10lb db

lateral raises- 10lb db

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Thanks lng! I'm always pleasantly surprised when I see a post in my blog that's not my own. LOL.

I think what happened with the 2 week low carb diet is that maybe I wasn't as far gone as I thought I was. Before when I did the low carb thing last year I had been eating REALLY badly, but this time only a little more than I should have. So perhaps taking out all the carbs was a bit extreme. So now I am easing back into adding carbs to my diet, besides carbs are my friends, they help me to kick butt at the gym and help dispel the myth that vegans have no energy. Tomorrow I am taking my rest day, and also might be taking my placement test at a community college.

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I think today will also be a rest day. Took my placement test for college this morning, and now am relaxing. Sometimes there are other priorities than getting to the gym.

Breakfast: 830am- coffee, cinnamon pecan cereal w/ almond milk

Lunch1pm- Dr. Mcdougal vegan soup

snack2pm- big orange YUM!!!

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Didn't plan it but ended up taking three days off from the gym. I have been super busy, but very excited about going to the gym tomorrow! I should get to the gym the next three days, then I will be visitng St. Petersburg, FL for 3 days. The hotel I am staying at does not have a gym, but I may possibly go for a run around the baywalk area.


One good sign of my progress at the gym, and my diet is that I am starting to really see definition in my arms, and they are definitely toning up. I am hopiung to get my body fat percentage done, maybe on Monday morning.

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Two very hard intense workouts today! Felt pumped after Body Pump, and I know I sweated a lot of calories today in Step, and BP.

Still trying to come to terms with why I didn't lose anything on the low carb diet that I did for 10-12 days. With all the effort, shopping, and low energy I feel like I was cheated. These are all learning experiences though. Maybe what I learned is that I wasn't as far gone as I thought. Tomorrow I have a church meeting in the afternoon. So no spin class for me. I will go run in the morning, just have to figure out how far!

Today I had multiple cups of coffee, toast w/jam,1 1/2 lara bars, banana, and a bowl of cereal w/ 3/4 banana.

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Busy week but not at the gym.

Here's the break down of the week.

Monday I had no time to get to the gym, because of a meeting.

Tuesday I did take a Step class, but had to leave before Body Pump because I had not even started packing yet.

Wed- Taxi to the Grey Hound bus station, switched buses in tampa, arrived in St. Pete around 1130am.

25 cent trolley to a vegan friendly place 2 blocks from hotel- ate a great wrap w/ hummus, lots of organic veggies, and a very tasty organic salad. I have pics but need to get them off phone.

the rest of the day was very relaxing.

Thursday- walked 4 blocks to theater where the Florida Orchestra was performing, a friend was conducting.

walked around quite a bit on Thursday and Friday, and then ate at a nice veg friendly place called Evos that had some really good vegan burgers, and air baked fries.

Friday night I went to a hymn sing at my church that my friend was also conducting. Then we drove back to Orlando, Fl.

Saturday- went for a run, and a fall! The run felt good, but the falling part I would have liked to skip.

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Sometimes life gets in the way of your gym time. This has been very true for me this week. Tomorrow I won't be going to the gym because I need to earn some money, so I can eat. But after tomorrow I am back at the gym full force!!!!!!!!! Missing the gym so much this week was really hard because I am really enjoying every workout again.

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Tonight I am back at it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am very excited about my workout tonight, and will be pushing myself hard!


Really enjoyed the second half of my workout tonight. There was a sub for Step, and when you have a sub in a Step class you have no idea what you are doing. So thast was the first hour. Then thankfully the main instructor, who is also a friend did show up to teach Body Pump. So that forced me to stay. After not doing Body Pump for close to 2 weeks, it definitely showed. Not to mention my two knees are still mending from my fall last Saturday when I went running. So pretty much everything that had me bending my knees or kneeling on them hurt me. So lets see, squats, lunges, reverse flys, and stretching were the worst.

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Tonight I was thinking where the heck did the week, and my workouts go, so I ended up going for a night time run, and lifted weights at the gym for a bit. This next week I am dog/house sitting very close to the gym. So I went for a nice run, and then got to the gym about 7ish. My back was sore this morning from the bed, and big dog sleeping right next to me, but was fine during the run. I didn't want to aggravate the area with lifting anything heavy, like weights, so I ended up training chest, and biceps. he workout looked like this.

Run- 3 miles?

3 sets/8reps chest press- 20lb db

3sets/8reps bicep curls 12lb db

3sets 8 reps pec flys- 12lb db

3/8 seated bicep hammer curls

3/8 incline chest 30lb barbell- still too easy

3/8 variety of bicep curls, wide/narrow

some abs/ some stretching- walk back to house

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Super workout today! Staying downtown, and walked to gym (3blocks). Step was very challenging, and had to put a lot of effort, concentration, and of course sweat, into the 1 hour class.

Body Pump was an hour after that, so I had a nice rest period. I used a 50lb barbell for the squat track which was practically nonstop for 5.5 minutes. I went a bit lighter on back because my back was still a tiny bit sore.After the class I walked back with my mom, and we ate some Amy's indian meals, which are vegan. Then I did something really awesome, and tripped down some steps going into the garage! " title="Applause" /> Anyway I can walk, and even though something cracked it doesn't hurt. I may not go running though tomorrow morning like I had planned.

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Tuesday- Step, and Body Pump




Fri- Run at 7am about 3 miles, then a quick biceps and back weight training workout 3 sets 8 reps

one arm rows- 12lbs db

bicep curls- 12lbs

deadlifts- 30lb bb

hammer curls- 12lb db

seated cable rows- 50lbs

sat on pilates ball and did more bicep curls


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Been getting to gym most of the time! But need to go more. Plan on starting to go 6 days a week, and start a consitent running plan this week. I have not weighed myself in over a month, the scale lies!!!! I feel pretty good about my body, just need to stop the extra carbs.


One reason I love going to St. Pete is that the organic cafe rocks. They have great wraps that can almost all be made vegan, and it comes with an amazing sprout salad, for around 8 bucks. I take half the wrap back to the hotel usually and eat it later.

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Saturday- Zumba

Sunday- Step- the trainer wanted us to die I think!!!! Or else he just ate too much junk over the weekend and had to make the workout extra tough. I had sweat drip down my eye, I had no idea my eyes were working that hard, lol!

Body Pump was great of course!

One thing to share about my mom, she has been beating herself up about not being under 200 lbs yet, but after Body Pump my friend/instructor made her feel better by telling her that her efforts at the gym were paying off, and it was showing. Just wish he'd tell me that! I see it in my arms, as far as definition goes, and kind of in my abs, but the scale absolutely hates me and says that I am always heavier than I'd like to be.

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Sometimes life is just not fair! My brothers girlfriend eats terribly and yet she loses weight. Whereas I try my best to eat well, and I can't lose weight. I also exercise more, and am overall healthier, and she is constantly eating junk, like candy, chocolate, pastries, pizza, etc.

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Tonight I skipped Step and Body Pump because it wasnt with the regular instructor. Instead I worked out a full body circuit on resistance equipment. I have gotten stronger but I didn't bother increasing weights because I was famished, and was just thinking of dinner. Ended up at Etho's Vegan Kitchen and got a Whats the Dilly Philly, which is a vegan replica of a philly cheesesteak. Then I got coffee, and ate a cookie!

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